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**We are currently beta testing our new Push3 gateways and data system, which, in addition to what the Push2 Pro provides, offers 2-way communication (meter settings and control), on-board data storage, optional WiFi connectivity, and more. If you are interested in being a beta tester, learn more here.**

In addition to our v.3 Omnimeters, the EKM Push2 supports our v.4 and v.5 Omnimeters as well. This allows the Push system to send electricity, and/or water, and/or gas data to the cloud. In other words, it is possible to submeter all of your utilities, push your data to your cloud account, and then retrieve your data, for free, using one of our software solutions or our Open API.

This system has truly unprecedented capabilities and features plug-and-play integration. All you have to do is plug it in. The EKM Push gateway handles all of the meter communication, parses the meter data, and inserts the reads into a central database. This completely eliminates all of the issues of configuring firewalls, dealing with dynamic IP addresses, and having a computer running all the time to make it happen. Data is available immediately, seamlessly, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world by using a unique User Key. In addition to the main User Key, that provides access to all of the meters in an account, every meter also has its own unique Meter Key. This allows the account owners to share specific meters while keeping the rest private. So for example, using Meter Keys, a landlord could share meter data for each of their apartments with the appropriate tenants.

Up to 50 Omnimeters can be daisy-chain-connected to each EKM Push gateway, on up to 4000 feet of RS485 communication wire. The entire metering system has been designed to be robust, reliable, and highly accurate. We truly believe that the EKM Push system allows for the most reliable, scalable and economical metering solution on the market. This system is perfect for submetering rental units, or monitoring utility resources, irrigation, solar/wind energy generation, car charging stations, etc. We have designed this system to give you the kind of reliability that you would need to build your business around. There is nothing like this available. We believe the EKM Push and the EKM Push Pro will be the backbone of the next generation of metering. They represent an entirely new paradigm for meter data. Shop Now.

Our intent is to provide you with free, seamless, and unrestricted access to your meter data in real time (once/minute read rate). You can then use your data in ways that serve you best, whether it be logging for billing purposes or monitoring on dashboards to track your consumption and/or generation. If you decide that you want more interface options than we provide, you can also retrieve your raw Push data from our database using our Open API, and then use it in any way you choose. There are already a number of 3rd party services that utilize the raw Push data for their own services. You can find them in our Push App Store.

Below are some of the options that we provide for retrieving your EKM Push Data.


Encompass is our web-based application for EKM Push users. It is intended to be a dashboard display that you can log into to get a visual picture of your meter data, aggregate meter data, schedule reports, take notes, and much more. Each dashboard is completely customizable so you can set it up do display exactly how you want it to. Encompass is now available as a beta build, so please feel free to try it out and let us know what you think, what you like or dislike, and what could be added or improved. Encompass is also free, with no recurring fees of any kind. Click the "Try It" button on the encompass homepage to log into a demo account and view live sample meters.

Please Note: Encompass is very much a work in progress (beta), so some bugs should be expected.

If would like to contact us regarding Encompass, please direct your emails to info@encompass.io.

Web based dashboard application for EKM Push Users

Web based dashboard application for EKM Push Users 2

EKM Dash Software:

One way to get your data from the EKM Push system is with our EKM Dash software. All you need is your EKM Push User Key and your Omnimeter number. This software solution allows you to log data to your computer, visualize data, create email and CSV reports, generate triggers, and more.

Meter Software Displaying Data from the EKM Push System

EKM Widget:

Another way to visualize your data online is with our online EKM Widget v.3. More info is available here: EKM Widget Information

Real-Time Widget:Choose which data sets you are interested in. Go to the Gear icon Layout/Fields Tab and select up to four values to display in the Graph Fields list. Here is an example of a Widget with watts on each line, with the legend and buttons hidden, and with time displayed in Los Angeles time (to get the url click on the bookmark icon in the top right corner): Full Version

This one shows Net Watts. This lets you know in real-time if you are generating more than you are consuming in net metering situations. (This data is only possible with v.4 Omnimeters)

Historical Widget:

Display historical bar charts in either 15 minute, hour, day, week, or month increments, spanning from 12 hours to 2 years. Use to see production or consumption over time. Here is an example showing water consumption over the period of a month.

Create your own Widget request:

https://widget.ekmmetering.com/EKM2/?reads=**number of reads requested**&key=**your User Key here**&meter=**your Omnimeter Number here**

EKM Push Open API:

Along with the release of Push2 comes a complete rethink, restructure, and rebuild of our Open API. Here are some of the biggest changes that you will notice:

  • data can now be structured in html, xml, json, csv, or timeseries.
  • It’s now possible to call multiple meters in one URL call.
  • It’s possible to filter out the specific meter data that you want to see
  • It’s possible to adjust the default UTC time using timezones.
  • It’s possible to call all available reads from a specific sequence number.
  • It’s possible to call all available reads from a specific start date to a specific end date.
  • It’s possible to get all available reads from a specific number of minutes ago
  • It's now possible to securely retrieve data using https://

For more information on our Open API, please see our Developer Portal.

Check out our Software Options for examples of solutions that utilize EKM Push data.

The EKM Push Pro Gateway ships with a 12 volt DC power supply with US plug wall socket connection

To connect your EKM Push device to your existing wireless network, check out our Ethernet to Wifi Bridge.


EKM Push Spec Sheet: EKM Push Specs

To better understand the differences between communication methods you can download our Communication Device Comparison Chart.

Push data to wattvision.com: Setting Up EKM Push to wattvision

EKM Push data to PVoutput.org: Omnimeter v.3 Pushed to PVoutput.org

EKM Push data to Excel (on a PC) Interface real-time data to Excel


EKM Push Communications Diagrams:

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

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