Encompass is our new online platform for monitoring and managing electric, water, and gas meters. It is intended to support EKM Push users specifically, as it makes use of the cloud data that the EKM Push system provides. We’ve decided to make Encompass free for anyone that purchases an Omnimeter and EKM Push metering system. We encourage you to visit www.encompass.io to give it a try for yourself. If you click the Try It link you will log in to our Demo account where you can take a full test drive. This allows you to test the full functionality of Encompass before you order a metering system. If you already have a metering system, and would like to create you own Encompass account, click the “register” button in the top right of the Encompass homepage.


There are some inherent advantages in using the cloud vs. desktop software, such as our EKM Dash. These include:

  • You don’t need to have a computer running constantly to collect or manage data. Scheduled reports, alerts, etc., are more dependable because you don’t need to run software on your computer to make them happen at the intended time. Instead, Encompass' systems are running 24/7 on our servers, to make sure that everything happens when it should.
  • You can log into your Encompass account from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) and from any computer.
  • New features and bug fixes are pushed automatically so you never need to download new versions.
  • We can offer better support when issues arise because we’re better able to see the same issues that you see. Conversely, supporting desktop software can be challenging. This is because there are many more variables that come into play: software version, operating system, operating system version, etc. A change in any one of these variables can lead to a different experience with the software. In general, there is less opportunity for this to happen with cloud-based software.
  • There is the potential to have advanced analytics and trend analysis, in the future, that run on the Encompass servers.

From within Encompass, users can name meters, group them appropriately, assign a cost per kWh or unit of water or gas, analyze trends, and more. For pulse meters connected to any of the three pulse inputs on a v.4 Omnimeter, users can define if the meters are water or gas and also define the value of each pulse as a unit of water or gas. Users can also generate reports, which can be used to bill tenants in relevant cases. Encompass allows users to monitor meters individually or group meters together to aggregate data. Data is available to display in a variety of ways on customizable dashboards. "Widgets" can be added, removed, customized, or repositioned on each dashboard. This allows you to only display the data that is relevant for your needs.

PLEASE NOTE that Encompass is a beta product, which means that it is rough around the edges and very much a work in progress. As such, some bugs and lack of polish should be expected. In other words, current users should consider themselves beta testers. If you are comfortable with that then we invite you try it out. If not, you can try our EKM Dash software which will also work with EKM Push data. As a beta tester we hope that you will give us feedback as to your experiences –– Do you notice any bugs? What works well for you? What could be added or improved? Answers to these questions will give us the feedback that we need in order to develop Encompass into truly great solution for everyone. We've provided a feedback link the Encompass header which is visible once you're logged in.

ALSO NOTE that, for now, Encompass only functions properly on desktop computers. It has NOT been designed to work on mobile devices.

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For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

Encompass tutorials can be found here: Encompass Tutorials.

If you have any questions related to Encompass, please send them to info@encompass.io.

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To simplify the ordering process we have assembled five Push Metering Packages that you can customize for your specific needs. We separate the packages by electrical system type and also have a package for water and/or gas and/or electric metering. Encompass will work with any Omnimeter and EKM Push metering system. Please choose from the links below: