EKM Push3 - Cloud Data/Control System

EKM Push3 (beta) - Cloud Data/Control System - EKM Metering Inc.

EKM Push3 - Cloud Data/Control System


The EKM Push3 data system is our cloud-based meter data solution that supports our v.3, v.4, and v.5 Omnimeters

The Push3 data service is completely free! No recurring fees of any kind.

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Description: Instantly Push Meter Data to the Web or log Data Locally!

Meter Support: v.3, v.4, and v.5 Omnimeters

Connections: Ethernet or WiFi, RS-485, Power, Micro SD Card or USB Storage (optional)

Data: Reads Meters as Fast as Possible (up to once/second), One Minute Data Send Interval (to the cloud)

Features: Meter Settings and v4/v5 Omnimeter Relay Control, On-board Data Storage, New Online Account Portal, No Limit of Meters Per Gateway

Included: Push3 gateway, pluggable terminal blocks, small screwdriver, 16GB Micro SD card

Model: EKM-Push3 (beta)

The Push3 is supported by www.encompass.io, the EKM Widget, the EKM Dash software, and our open cloud API for both real-time data and summary data.

We are proud to introduce an entirely new communication system with unprecedented capabilities and exceptional ease of use. It is designed to support our Omnimeter line of kWh meters, in order to maximize their capabilities and data readability. All you have to do is plug it in! -- the Push3 gateway handles all of the meter communication and inserts the reads into our cloud database. Your data is then freely available from a known, fixed location in the cloud, by way of your unique access key. The data can be accessed via our Open API for free. Yes, the data is provided for free. There are no recurring fees for the Push3 data!

Version 3 of the EKM Push system includes some new features. It is natively WiFi enabled (the Push3 has a TI WiLink 8 2.4GHz wireless module, which supports MIMO 802.11 b/g WiFi), so it can connect to the internet via WiFi or ethernet. If you intend to connect the Push3 to your WiFi network, please make sure that your WiFi router supports the 802.11 b/g standard.

The Push3 is able to send settings commands to the Omnimeters, so changing things like CT ratios, resetting Max Demand, or programming TOU tariffs is easily done online. The v.4 and v.5 Omnimeter relays can also be controlled with Push3, so turning things on/off is possible. Push3 also has on board data storage via a Micro SD card. This allows the gateway to log data as a stand alone device, or as simply a back up when the internet goes down for any reason. Once the internet connection is reestablished, data is uploaded to the cloud.

There is nothing like this available on the market; whether you are metering a single cottage or an international electric car charging network, with tens of thousands of metered points, we believe the Push3 will be the backbone of the next generation of metering. It represents an entirely new paradigm for meter data management, and control.

Our intent is to provide our customers with FREE, seamless, and unrestricted access to their data in real time. What we are offering is the most robust and capable hardware set available, with easy and and reliable access to your data. Again, this service is free, with no monthly or annual fees.

Up to 128x Omnimeters can be daisy-chained together and connected to each Push3 gateway.  However, an unlimited number of Omnimeters can communicate with a single Push3 gateway by using our 485Bee radio modules, which create a mesh network for wireless communication between the Omnimeters and the Push3 gateway.

DIN Rail mountable. It is possible to fit this gateway and a v.3 or v.4 Omnimeter inside of this Watertight Enclosure, in the horizontal orientation.

For developers who are interested in working with our Open Push API, please check out our Developer Portal.

For additional information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

Meter Reading Device Comparison Chart: Meter Reading Device Comparison Chart

Spec Sheet: EKM Push3


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