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Manage a single meter, or thousands, from the cloud, free.

The EKM Push3 data system makes all of your submeters’ data securely available in the cloud. Manage all of your submeters remotely from a single software interface or with our Open API.

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UL Listed options available
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Certified revenue grade meter accuracy
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Quantity discounts for orders of 10+ meters
Revenue Metering

Visible & Billable Rental Property Submetering

  • Stop subsidizing your tenants and keep all of your rental income in your pocket!

  • Divide your utility bill according to actual user consumption.

  • Low hardware costs, and free data, allow you to recoup your investment in as little as a few months.

  • We offer basic or remote readable systems for electricity, water, and/or gas.

Revenue grade submetering systems for kWh, water, and gas.
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Meter reading and billing software solutions.

encompass.io – Data Dashboard, Reporting & Billing Solution

Encompass is our free online platform that allows you to aggregate submeter data, schedule usage reports, generate bills, and much more.

Cloud based real time & historical data, stored indefinitely. Free.

Real-time Data
Historical Data
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Data Monitoring

Monitor data in real time or track trends over the long term

  • The EKM Push3 system provides free once/minute real time data, as well as summarized data that is stored indefinitely.

  • Encompass.io offers a great dashboard for data monitoring and reporting.  Did we mention it's free?

  • Our system provides a rich dataset, particularly our electric meters, which report up to ~40 data points per meter read.

  • Analyze your data to track the performance of efficiency measures, electrical equipment, lighting systems, etc.

Realtime and historical cloud data monitoring for energy, water and gas data.

What our customers are saying...

"I’ve been able to save over $50 a month the last two months by
tweaking my auto thermostat settings and being more aware of other
appliances and lights that were being left on when they weren’t being
used. It has made a big impact on our energy costs." 

"It worked 'right out of the box' and within a few minutes my MacBookPro was logging information."

"EKM has the best support out of all our suppliers. Their replies are
always prompt and the advice has always resolved our problem logically."

"Overall, I am very impressed with the product - I've used many
power meters in various configurations and I'm please with the
performance thus far."

"We installed the equipment yesterday and everything worked fine. We can see the data in the encompass.io. Definitely, it was plug & play experience!"

"Love you guys.  Good prices... good service... good products."

Explore the Next Generation of EV Metering
• Embeddable options for EV Charger Manufacturers
• Submetering options for residential and commercial chargers
• Revenue Grade and UL Listed
• Free cloud-based data options
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