Basic 120 Volt Single Phase kWh Meter, 2-wire, External CT Meter, 14mm, 50 Amp, Pulse output, EKM-15E


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Basic 120V kWh Meter. 2-wire (1 hot, 1 neutral). External 14mm CT (included). Up to 50 Amps. Pulse output. Model: EKM-15E
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Voltage: 120 volts
Amperage: up to 50 Amps
Type: External CT, Single-Phase, 60Hz
Data: Pulse Output - 1000 pulses per kWh
CT Inside Diameter: 14 mm (0.55 inches)
Model: EKM-15E

Great Value, price includes the current transformer!

This very compact, but accurate little meter is ideal for metering individual circuits or groups of circuits. Multiple wires can be passed through the CT and current passing through them is totaled. Convenient DIN-rail mounts.

This meter has a pulse output. Connect a pulse counter up to 200 feet away from the meter to be able to remotely know your kWh consumption. LED indicates pulses, 1000 pulses per kWh.

This meter comes with one external CT. This makes for a much easier installation in many cases. CT Inside Diameter: 14mm (about .55 inch)

Can be sealed for tamper protection with meter seals.

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Installation: Installation should be performed by a qualified electrician. Turn off power. Slip the CT over the hot wire. Connect the CT wires to the meter ports 1 and 3 (direction is unimportant). Connect voltage reference wire from hot lead to port 4 on the meter. Connect neutral reference wire to port 6 on the meter. Port 20 and 21 are optional, they are the pulse output connection to the meter.

Spec Sheet: EKM-15E Spec Sheet


Customer Reviews

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Lee Cowell
awesome product....

I've had this installed 3 years now. I installed it in a protective housing above the small 115vac, single phase service panel. it has performed flawlessly ever since upon metering my tenant's usage.

Lee Cowell
Excellent Product

Installed this unit in 10/2019 into a small waterproof electrical panel with a hinged lid subsequently attached to a 115VAC/30A RV panel. I use a flashlight to read the meter monthly. The product is easy to install for a person with moderate technical skill who possesses basic electrical knowledge. I mounted the panel to a 4 X 4 Pressure treated wood post. The instructions that came with the unit are easy to understand. The unit is powered by the 115VAC input line (via small tapped wires).

Please note that this meter is for SINGLE PHASE ONLY (typical RV usage).

Jack Detweiler
Basic kWh meter

I was looking for a basic, simple to install meter to measure electrical use from a sub panel. I selected this meter because of its small size and external coil. This made installation very simple.
The first meter worked so well, I just ordered a second meter.