EKM Omnimeter Pulse v.4 – Pulse Counting, Relay Controlling, Universal Smart Electric Meter


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This universal kWh meter can be used on nearly any electrical system in common use and can also count pulses from up to 3 pulse-output devices, as well as control up to 2 external relays.
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Description: Universal, Pulse Counting, Relay Controlling, Smart Meter

Features: Pulse Counting and Relay Controls

Voltage: 120 volts, 120/240 volts, 120/208 volts, 230 volts, 277 volts, 480 volts

Amperage: Up to 5000 amps

Type: External CT, 50 or 60 Hz

System: Single-Phase, 3-Ph. 3-Wire, or 3-Ph. 4-wire

Data: Smart Meter v.4 RS-485 Communications

Model: EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4

The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 is our most advanced universal smart meter to date, with the ability to count pulses from up to 3x pulse-output devices, and control 2x external relays. This is truly the one meter to meet all of your metering needs!

This is a revenue-grade universal kWh meter. It can meter systems ranging from single-phase 120V 2-wire or single phase 120/240V 3-wire, 120V to 480 volts, or 3-phase 3-wire 120 to 415 volts or 3-phase 4-wire 120 to 480V, 50/60Hz , 50/60 Hz. It Supports CTs from 100A to 5000A.  Accurate to 0.5% (Class 0.5)

The v.4 Omnimeters can also count the pulses from up to 3 different pulse output devices, as is explained in this video. These could be pulses from our Pulse Output Water and Gas Meters or from any other un-powered dry contact pulse output device. The real-time state of the three Inputs can also be polled remotely by our EKM Push3 gateway. The Omnimeter data will return a High or Low state for each pin in real-time (use this for sensing switch states, open or closed doors, etc).

The v.4 Omnimeters also include 2x controllable relay outputs. These can be controlled via RS-485, either locally via our EKM Dash software, or remotely online via our Push3 gateway. You can set the outputs to be high or low to drive an external relay. The Relay Control Outputs can continuously provide up to 50 mA at 12 volts DC each. Control the EKM-Switch120 directly, or control lights, motors, entire buildings, implement Demand Response, Load Shedding, etc. via relay control. The Relay Control Outputs can also be set to go ON or OFF from 1 to 9999 seconds. The real-time state of the outputs can also be polled via RS485. The outputs can also be used to power an external device (Wireless 485Bee Module, sensors, etc). Relays can be controlled online when reading the meter with the EKM Push3 data system, or locally when reading the meter with a USB Converter.

The only metering system that is commonly used that this meter will NOT support is 3-phase 3-wire 480 volts (we recommend you use our EKM Omnimeter HV v.5 for this system).

This meter has been accuracy tested and certified for by the State of California Department of Weights and Measures. It is California Type Approved and meets California standards for revenue grade metering. Many other states accept California Type Approval for their metering requirements.

This meter uses our full range of compact Current Transformers (it cannot meter electricity with out at least one). The CT ratio can be set internally to work with up to 5000 amp CTs (no multiplier needed).

  • Use 1 CT for 120 volt single phase North American, or 230 volt 2-wire foreign systems
  • Use 2 CTs for 120/240 volt single phase systems
  • Use 2 CTs for 3-phase 3-wire systems (no neutral)
  • Use 3 CTs for 3-phase 4-wire systems

Easy clip-on DIN Rail Mounting.

How to install an Omnimeter Pulse v.4:

These meters are also supported by our revolutionary EKM Push3 system. This is our cloud-based, plug-and-play, meter data solution. We are really excited about this new system, and recommend it for most remote reading applications that use our Omnimeter models. Push3 users can also take advantage of Encompass.io, which is our free online dashboard and meter management suite.


Encompass.io is our free online meter management platform for monitoring data, managing meters, generating bills, and more. It is designed specifically for people who are remotely reading their meters via the Push3 system. This platform can be used to visualize data on customizable dashboards, visualize cost, monitor trends, group meters, and a lot more. Each meter and meter group in Encompass can also be set up to email you, and/or your tenant, PDF bills. Here is a sample PDF electric bill:

EKM Widget

The EKM Widget offers another option for quickly seeing your meter data online for Push3 users. It is also easy to save and share your Widget setting once you have it setup how you want. Here is an example:

EKM Dash

Our Omnimeters are also fully supported by our free, remote reading, EKM Dash software. If you want to read your Omnimeter on a computer locally, without the EKM Push3 system, then this software is what you would use. You will also need an EKM Blink USB Converter in order to do so.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

Spec Sheet: Omnimeter Pulse v.4 Spec Sheet

To better understand the differences between Omnimeter models you can download our Omnimeter and Communication Device Comparison Chart.



Single-Phase 2-Wire (Hot and Neutral) + Push3

Single-Phase 2-Wire (2 Hots, no Neutral) + Push3

Single-Phase 3-Wire (2 Hots and Neutral) + Push3

Three-Phase 3-Wire (3 Hots, no Neutral) + Push3

Three-Phase 4-Wire (3 Hots and Neutral) + Push3

Single-Phase 2-Wire (Hot and Neutral) + Push3 + 485Bees

Single-Phase 2-Wire (2 Hots, no Neutral) + Push3 + 485Bees

Single-Phase 3-Wire (2 Hots and Neutral) + Push3 + 485Bees

Three-Phase 3-Wire (3 Hots, no Neutral) + Push3 + 485Bees

Three-Phase 4-Wire (3 Hots and Neutral) + Push3 + 485Bees




Ask a Question
  • Do these meters provide a kW pulse output?

    Yes, all of our electric, water, and gas meters have a pulse output. Our Omnimeters pulse at a rate of 800 pulses per kWh when set to use 200 amp CTs.  The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 and the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 UL also have a settable pulse output.  The settable pulse output can be from 1 to 1600 pulses per kWh.  See figure 6 on the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 spec sheet for the impulse constants.

  • i would like to submeter just 2 breakers. #1 is a 240v single phase 2 hot/1 neutral and #2 is a 120v 1 hot/shared neutral with bar with the other. Could install as normal for the 240v on the first 2 CT ports and then add a 3rd CT to the 3rd port and meter the hot from the 120v? would this work?

    Yes, you can.  First I would find which phase the 120 volt circuit is on.  Then you can either have an Omnimeter and 2 CTs (with one of the CTs having 2 wires passing through it) or an Omnimeter with 3 CTs (2 of the CTs going to the same port on the Omnimeter).  Make sure that you keep the wires that are on the same phase from the 240 volt circuit and the 120 volt circuit together.  This is a little complex, so please email us and we will send you images showing what I am talking about.

  • Is there an IOS and/or Android app to access the EKM meters?

    We do not have a standalone iOS or Android app at the moment (January 2018), but you can access your meter data on your smartphone using either the EKM Widget, or by using the EKM Push Open API html call.  Please try these links in your smartphone web browser.

    EKM Widget

    API Call

  • Considering this for a shared condo, to be able to record usage for days each person is there, and "shared" days in between. Can this info be pulled from the web app? How?

    Yes, this meter, when read with the EKM Push system, will provide a record of usage for any time period you choose. The data is made available in the cloud and you can make use of it in a variety of ways. Encompass.io offers one way of determining usage for specific time periods. We also off an Open API that you can use to retrieve your data in a variety of formats.

  • I was wondering if the meter kept a memory of power usage when it looses power?

    Yes, this meter model will store things like kWh and pulse count data for at least ten years without power. So losing power should not be an issue at all.

  • Will you be upgrading this meter so it can give instantaneous power as a positive (import) or negative (export)?

    This meter actually does provide the direction of current in it's data, so it is possible to see instantaneous net power if you're reading it with a computer via the EKM Push system. Here is an example v.4 Omnimeter that is net metering consumption and solar generation in real time.

  • How far will signal go on the RS-485 connection? I have very remote applications with limited to no internet availability.

    A wired RS-485 connection can go up to 4000 feet. If you need to go further you could potentially set up a a wireless connection using our 485Bee radios. With the antenna that we sell them with they are capable of about a 200m range but we've seen up to 1.5 miles, with line of sight and in ideal conditions. With an aftermarket high gain antenna, line of sight, and ideal conditions, the signal can go up to 30 miles. If that isn't enough, then you could might consider a cellular router connected to our EKM Push gateway.

  • Hey, I am looking for the price of meter type 4 and 4a, 1 and 3 phase. Please reply ASAP, if you have them. Thanks

    I'm not sure what you mean by 4 and 4a but this meter, The Omnimeter Pulse v.4, can be used on single phase or three phase systems. Pricing for all of our products is available in our online store. If you're interested in quantities above 10 units, please contact us for quantity pricing. Send your inquiries to support@ekmmetering.com 

  • Looking for a meter with only demand KW read out from utility pulse meter. What Model to use?

    I'm not sure I understand your question. The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 has Max Demand. The meter can be set up to reset Max demand on a schedule. Please use this Contact Form if you have any other questions.

  • Is this meter UL approved?

    This meter is not UL Listed. However, we do have a UL Listed version of this meter, the Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4, available here.

  • I'm looking to connect the dry kyz outputs of a ION 8650 meter to the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 to count the pulses from the kyz outputs, convert the pulses to kWh, based on pulse wait, then finally have another device fetch the data via the serial port. Can this be done with the Omnimeter Pulse V.4?

    The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 has three inputs for dry contact pulse counting. In the case of a kyz system you would use two of the inputs. Or to simplify the system you could just use ky on one input. You would then need to do the conversion yourself to convert pulse counts into kWh (determined by the pulse value of each pulse from the ION 8650). So it is possible but it seems like the hard way to do what you want. The Omnimeter Pulse is also a kWh meter, so if you’re planning to use it to count pulses from another kWh meter you might consider simply installing it as a standalone metering system. You would only need to pair it with one or more Current Transformers, depending on they system you are metering, to compete the metering system. Either way, the Omnimeter can then be connected to our EKM Push gateway, which connects to your internet source, to send data to the cloud. Or you could connect the Omnimeter directly to a computer using a USB Converter.

  • Hi there, the relay control on these meters - Can these be set up for automated switching by programming preset thresholds etc, or are they only manually controlled? Alternatively, is there any automated (via presets) remote controlling options via the EKM dash?

    At this point there is no trigger based control option for v.4 Omnimeters using the EKM Dash. However, we do plan to add this functionality at some point in the future, though there is no definitive timeline for this addition. We have begun development on it but it is not ready for release yet.

    Further down the road we also plan to add this capability through the EKM Push system as well. This also has no concrete timeline for implementation.

  • If I customize the display values, will this be reset if power is lost?

    No, all meter settings, including display settings, will not be reset if the power is lost.

  • I\'m hoping to use this with the 3/4\" stainless steel pulse output flow meter. Can this omnimeter v.4 unit be powered by 12v? Also, how is the omnimeter reset?

    The Omnimeter needs at least 110V to power it. This can be done by cutting the end of a standard 110V power cord, baring the ends of the two individual wires, and running the hot wire to terminal 7 and the neutral to terminal 10, on the Omnimeter. If you are also using the v.4 Omnimeter to meter electricity then the meter is powered by the electrical system that it is metering.

    The Omnimeter cannot be completely reset. This is to prevent tampering when the meter is being used for revenue purposes. That being said, if you're metering electricity this meter has a secondary resettable kWh value that can be reset. The meter also has a primary kWh value that cannot be reset. If you're using the EKM Dash software to read the Omnimeter, it has a resettable pulse count value that you can use. It is also a secondary value. The primary pulse count value cannot be reset.

  • Will this electrical meter accept a pulse output from another electrical meter such as the EKM-25XDSE? I want to monitor my home energy usage as well as the branch circuit usage to my detached garage.

    Yes, you can connect up to three 25XDSE meters to the pulse inputs on the Omnimeter Pulse v.4. So you should be able to accomplish what you're trying to do using the combination of these two meter models.

  • Can separate readings for each CT and each additional pulse output device be generated from this meter to determine the electrical consumption of multiple tenants without additional meters?

    The v.4 Omnimeters can count pulses on three separate inputs, so you can connect up to three water and/or gas meters to one Omnimeter Pulse v.4. This meter also provides separate kWh values for up to three electrical lines. So if your tenants are only using 120V 2-wire electrical circuits (1 hot, 1 neutral), you could meter the electrical consumption for up to three tenants with one v.4 Omnimeter. However, if your tenants have 120/240V 3-wire (2 hots, 1 neutral) then you will need to have one Omnimeter on each rental unit.

  • It\'s stated that the relay control output is 12V at 50 mA, is this AC or DC?

    It is 12V DC at 50 mA.

  • How do you sub meter gas usage with this?

    The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 is for counting the pulses from your water meters and gas meters (as well as for measuring electricity directly),  it is not for metering gas directly.  The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 counts the pulses and converts them into data so you can get a remote reading of your gas or water consumption.  You can use our gas meters to measure the gas, here is a link to our gas meter offerings:  https://www.ekmmetering.com/collections/gas-meters

    Here is a video with more information about pulse counting:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8oYAUmuBD8&t=165s

  • Can this meter provide water flow data remotely? If not, do you provide sensors/meters that can provide water flow data remotely?

    This help page describes how you can use the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 to read our water meters.

    If you have any more specific questions contact us direct here and we can help you out.

    Thanks - Seth, EKM Metering

  • If you connect 3 pulse water meters to each omnimeter can you still daisy chain them to connect to a EKM push? Or if you are daisy chaining are you limited to one meter to each omnimeter.

    You can connect up to 50 of the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 to a single EKM Push gateway, this includes the up to 3 pulse counts.  For example you could connect up to 50 Omnimeter Pulse v.4 to a single EKM Push gateway, each Omnimeter can read up to 3 water or gas meter pulse outputs, for a total of 150 water or gas meters and 50 electric Omnimeters meters connected to a single Push gateway.  You can then have an unlimited number of EKM Push gateways in your Push account.

  • Hi, I’m looking for an electric sub meter that read power for two condos sharing one electric meter but separate panels. Will this meter work for that in TX? Do you have list of local contractors registered to work with your products?

    Hello,  Yes, any of our Omnimeter models will work to separate one of the condos from the main electric meter.  You could use just 1 Omnimeter to do this, but in our experience the best way is to use 2 Omnimeters (one for each condo).  This avoids the most potential conflict as each condo then has the same meter and the utility meter is just used to check that the 2 Omnimeters agree.

    If you would like help finding an installer you can take a look at our Installer Directory.  These are people that say they can install our products for you.  But to give you a heads up, these installers are not vetted by EKM and are not necessarily recommended by EKM. Hopefully this will provide you with a good starting place to find someone who can help you.


    If you cannot find anyone to help you in your area, then really any competent electrician, plumber or general handyman should be able to help you with the installation.

  • Que antena puedo utilizar para transmisión de datos por internet. Puedo comprar en Amazon esta antena?

    Customer questions translated by Google Translate:  What antenna can I use for data transmission over the internet. Can I buy this antenna on Amazon?

    EKM Answer:  You can use either our 485Bee radios, which will make the RS485 data between the meter and the EKM Push into a wireless mesh network.  Or you can wirelessly connect the EKM Push3 to the internet over wifi using the built in wifi of the EKM Push3.   Or you can connect the EKM Push to the internet over cellular using an cellular to ethernet modem.

    Respuesta de EKM:  Puede usar nuestras radios 485Bee, que harán que los datos RS485 entre el medidor y el EKM se introduzcan en una red de malla inalámbrica. O puede conectar de forma inalámbrica el EKM Push3 a Internet a través de wifi utilizando el wifi integrado del EKM Push3. O puede conectar el EKM Push a Internet a través de un celular usando un módem de celular a ethernet.

  • what is the use of 15 and 16 pins in Omnimeter Pulse v4?

    Terminals 15 and 16 are two basic pulse output options on the Omnimeter Pulse V.4 meter. See page 3 of the meter's spec sheet for all the details:

    Omnimeter Pulse v.4 Spec Sheet