Watertight Enclosure with Hinged and Latching Lid - UL Listed - 5.32” x 7.28” x 3.35"


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This is a UL and cUL Listed watertight enclosure with hinged, latching, and gasketed lid.
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Type: Outdoor, Watertight

Mounting: Surface Mount

Dimensions: 5.32” x 7.28” x 3.35"

Features: Clear Lid, Heavy Gasket, Stainless Steel Hinge Pins and Latches

DIN Rail: 1 Piece Included, for Short Axis Mounting

Model: EKM-131808

UL and cUL Listed. Use in conjunction with our UL Listed meters and CTs for a complete UL approved installation.

Tough, polycarbonate, water-tight enclosure, excellent for housing one or more of our electric meters.

House up to one of the large format meters such as the Omnimeter II UL v.3 or the Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4. House up to one of the medium format meters, such as the Omnimeter I v.3, or six of the smaller EKM-15E, 18mm wide meters. Eight of these meters would fit mounted along the long axis of the meter but it would be a tight fit and you would need to source a longer piece a DIN rail for this mounting orientation.

This enclosure is not appropriate for the even larger Omnimeter HV v.5, for a v5 meter we would recommend you use the Large Outdoor Enclosure.

An ultraviolet stabilizer has been added to the transparent polycarbonate lid to prevent discoloration when installed outdoors. Even so, we recommend that the enclosure be installed out of direct sunlight to ensure that the enclosure outlasts your meter(s).

NEMA 4X rated.

The hinge pins and latches are stainless steel to prevent corrosion over time.

Case and lid both have a small hole intended for a Seal or lock. This is to prevent tampering with the contents of the enclosure after it is installed. (seal or lock not included)

Holes for conduit connections need to be made to suit your needs.

Cover is gasketed for a water-tight seal. No additional screws are needed for mounting meters. One piece of DIN rail is included for mounting the meter along the short axis of the enclosure. This orientation provides the most room to access the terminals on the meters.

  • UL508A Certificate from Underwriter’s Laboratories
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approval from SGS
  • Obtained Certificate of CE by EN from EOTC (European Organization for Testing and Certification)
  • Obtained TUV, IP67, IK08 from Germany for plastic enclosures
  • Obtained RoHS Certification from SGS, the world’s leading inspection agency in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Standard Certification KTL C067-2007 for resin box used for indoor and outdoor electrical equipment below 600v AC
  • Passed in Combustion Resistance Test 94:2003 of Korea Institute of Construction Materials
  • Passed in Combustion Resistance Test of V–0 for Polycarbonate from Korean Environment and Merchandise Testing Institute
  • EX degree: Exe II T5. Certificate Number: CNEx07.0311U

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Please note: We do not recommend that this enclosure be installed in direct sunlight. If it is installed in direct sunlight, we recommend creating a shade for the clear cover. Without a shade the clear cover in direct sunlight will cause the interior of the enclosure to become very hot in some climates, which could damage products in the enclosure.

The EKM-131808 Spec Sheet is available here: UL Enclosure Spec Sheet.

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