Sticker Label Sheet


This is a sheet of sticker labels for single or three phase electrical systems, pulse counting, and RS485 communications.
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We've designed a sheet of stickers to label all of the wires and CTs in your Omnimeter installation. The set of stickers is designed to work with any Omnimeter installation, no matter what system you are metering (or the number of pulse meters you are connected to in the case of the Omnimeter Pulse v.4). These stickers are particularly helpful if your wires are the same color and/or there is the potential for confusion.

Each sheet includes enough labels for any single or three phase electrical system. It also includes labels for up to 3 pulse inputs and the RS-485 communication wires as well. We've even included 3 icons each for electricity, water, and gas.

There are also four blank white labels that can written on and used as custom name labels for your meter, breaker, etc.

The sticker sheet is made of high quality, heavy duty vinyl.

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