EKM RS-232 Serial to RS-485 Converter


EKM Serial RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
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Description: RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

The EKM RS-232 Serial to RS-485 Converter is suitable for older PCs with built in serial ports or Macs with serial port adapters, such as KeySpan USA-19HS. No other software or drivers are needed.

Please be sure you have the DB9 - 2 row 9 pin serial port.

Check out the communication diagram showing the Serial RS-232 converter connected to up to 256 meters.

Works with all of our RS-485 enabled smart meters, including our v.2 meters, as well as our v.3, v.4, and v.5 Omnimeters.

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  • Will the RS-485 work with the Omnimeter 1v.3? Do I need more to do a hard wired remote read?

    Yes, the RS232 to RS485 converter can be used to read your Omnimeter I v.3 over RS485.  As long as your computer has a RS232 port, this device will work well for you.  If you only have USB ports then the USB to RS485 converter would work for you instead.

    The only other thing you would need is the twisted pair wire that is hardwired between the converter and the Omnimeter.  Here is the CAT5 cable we sell for this purpose as an example.