4 Terminal Watertight Junction Box


4 Terminal Watertight Junction Box
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Function: Outdoor mountable watertight junction box for pulse and RS-485 wires.

Type: 4 terminal, Watertight

Model: 4TWJB

This is an outdoor mountable junction box for pulse and RS-485 wire connections where the wires need to be extended in an outdoor environment. putting the wire connection in this junction box will extend the life of the wire connections so that the meters will continue to be read longer without interruptions. Using dielectric grease on the wire connections is another way to prevent corrosion and ensure that the connections last.

There are 4 isolated terminals, so up to three pulse output meters can have their pulse wires extended (3 pulse signal terminals, 1 common ground terminal). The junction box could also be used as a junction for one set of pulse output wires, as well as one set of RS-485 wires.

The junction box includes two sets of rubber bushings for different diameter cable or conduit. The smaller aperture bushings will seal around the sheath of the pulse output wires, coming from our water and gas meters, or around the outside of CAT5 or CAT6 cable, which we recommend for extending pulse or RS-485 wires.

The transparent and gasketed polycarbonate cover is fastened with four screws, which are included.

The junction box has two external 4.6mm holes for mounting the junction box. Screws or bolts for this purpose are not included.

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