2 Waterproof Wire Nuts



Two Waterproof Wire Nuts filled with dielectric grease. These are designed to prevent wire corrosion when wires are connected outdoors and exposed to the elements.

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Function: Twist-On Waterproof Wire Nuts

Uses: RS-485 Data or Pulse Counting Wire Connectors for Outdoor Installations

Wire Gauge: #24–#12

We find these Waterproof Wire Nuts to be useful for a variety of applications outdoor applications. If you are making outdoor connections to RS-485 data wires or pulse counting wires, these Wire Nuts will preserve the wire connections and prevent them from breaking down due to corrosion. The Wire Nuts a filled with dielectric grease, which protects the wire ends from moisture and ensures a long lasting, strong connection.

Sold in pairs of two.

To install:

  • We find that folding the wires back on themselves, effectively doubling the wire thickness, helps when screwing the wire nuts on. Bare enough wire so that you will be able to fold it back on itself.
  • Take both wire ends and twist them together, or wrap one around the other.
  • Insert the twisted wire ends into the wire nut.
  • With light pressure, screw the wire nut onto the end of the wires.
  • If the wire nut is properly installed it will be screwed onto the end of the wires and will not come off if pulled.

Offered as a convenience for our meter customers only. Please only purchase these if you are also buying other items.

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