EKM Omnimeter HV v.5 – Universal Single and Three Phase up to 600V, Pulse Counting, Relay Controlling, Universal Smart Electric Meter

EKM Omnimeter HV v.5 – Universal Single and Three Phase up to 480V, Pulse Counting, Relay Controlling, Universal Smart Electric Meter - EKM Metering Inc.

EKM Omnimeter HV v.5 – Universal Single and Three Phase up to 600V, Pulse Counting, Relay Controlling, Universal Smart Electric Meter


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This universal kWh meter can be used on any electrical system in common use up to 600V AC and can also count pulses from up to 3 pulse-output devices, as well as control up to 2 external relays.

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Description: Universal kWh Meter, Pulse Counting, Relay Controlling

Features: High Voltage (600V max.), Pulse Counting, Relay Controls, Battery tray, Backlighted LCD, Voltage/Current LED Indicators, RS-485 LED Indicator

Voltage (AC): 120 Volts, 120/240 Volts, 120/208 Volts, 230 Volts, 277 Volts, 480 Volts, 600 Volts

Amperage: Up to 5000 Amps

Type: External Current Transformer, 50 or 60 Hz

System: Any Single-Phase up tp 600VAC/5000A, 3-Phase 3-Wire up to 600VAC/5000A, or 3-Phase 4-Wire up to 600VAC/5000A

Data: Smart Meter, v.5 RS-485 Communications

Model: EKM-Omnimeter HV v.5

PLEASE NOTE - This meter model was initially beta launched in December of 2018 with a maximum voltage spec of 600V. Based on our experience and the feedback we received, during the following months, we decided to lower the maximum voltage spec to 480V. This applies to meters in the serial number range of S/N 000550001001 to S/N 000550001220. We have since made refinements that make this meter reliable and accurate at 600V. All Omnimeter HV v.5s sold today are rated up to 600V.

EKM-Omnimeter HV v.5 –– Our most advanced universal smart kWh meter to date, capable of metering any electrical system in common use around the world, with the ability to count pulses from up to 3 pulse-output devices, and control 2 external relays. This is truly the one meter to meet all of your metering needs!

 The Omnimeter HV v.5 is a revenue-grade universal kWh meter that can meter a very wide range of electrical systems. These include single-phase 2-wire 110–600 VAC, single phase 3-wire  110–600 VAC, 3-phase 3-wire 110–600 VAC, or 3-phase 4-wire 110–600 VAC. This is the only Omnimeter model that is capable of metering 3-phase 3-wire systems above 415 VAC. It will operate on systems of 50 or 60 Hz. It supports Current Transformers (CTs) from 100A to 5000A. This meter will work with any electrical system in commonly use around the world. Accurate to 0.5% (Class 0.5)

This meter uses our full range of external Current Transformers (you cannot meter power/energy without at least one of these). The CT ratio can be set internally in the meter in order for it to work with up to 5000 amp CTs (no multiplier needed).

  • Use 1 CT for 120 volt single phase North American, or 230 volt 2-wire foreign systems
  • Use 2 CTs for 120/240 volt single phase systems
  • Use 2 CTs for 3-phase 3-wire systems (no neutral)
  • Use 3 CTs for 3-phase 4-wire systems

In addition to, or instead of, metering electricity, the Omnimeter HV v.5 can also count the pulses from up to 3 different pulse output devices, such as our Water Meters and Gas Meters or from any other un-powered dry contact pulse output device. as is explained in this video. Pulse Input ratios can be set in software from 1 to 9999 pulses per increment (the default ratio is 1:1). The real-time state of the 3 Inputs can also be polled in EKM Dash software, the Omnimeter HV v.5 will return a High or Low state for each pin in real-time (use this for sensing switch states, open or closed doors, etc).

The Omnimeter HV v.5 also comes with 2 controllable relay outputs. These can be controlled via RS-485, either locally or over the internet from anywhere in the world using the EKM Dash. You can set the outputs to be high or low to drive an external relay. The Relay Control Outputs can continuously provide up to 50 mA at 12 volts DC each. Two LED lights on the face of the meter indicate the on/off state of each output. Control the EKM-Switch120 directly, or control lights, motors, entire buildings, implement Demand Response, Load Shedding, etc. via relay control. The Relay Control Outputs can also be set to go ON or OFF from 1 to 9999 seconds. The real-time state of the outputs can also be polled via RS-485. The outputs can also be used to power an external device (Wireless 485Bee Module, sensors, etc). Relays can be controlled online when reading the meter with the EKM Push3 data system, or locally when reading the meter with a USB Converter.

This meter has a tray for an optional 18650 Lithium Ion battery cell (3.2–4.2VDC). The battery will ensure that the meter remains powered in the event that AC voltage is down for a period of at least 30 minutes with a full battery. This enables the meter to continue to communicate via RS-485 (with an EKM Push gateway for example), continue to count pulses from water and/or gas meters, and continue to actuate its control relays. The meter will charge and maintain the 18650 cell at ~4.2VDC so it is ready for any AC outage. Optional battery not included. We recommend using an 18650 cell that includes a safety circuit (Over charge, over discharge, over current, and short-circuit).

Three LED lights at the right of meter's LCD screen indicate if there is voltage, if there is current, and the direction of current on each of up to 3 lines. Refer to the last page of this meter's spec sheet (linked below) to learn how to correctly interpret these LEDs and their blinking patterns.

Easy clip-on DIN Rail Mounting. We recommend that this meter be installed inside our Large Watertight Enclosure, as it it too big to fit inside of the Indoor Enclosure or smaller Watertight Enclosure.

The Omnimeter HV v.5 is also great option for solar Net Metering. In addition to Total and Reverse kWh, that all of our Omnimeter models provide, this meter also provides the direction of current in real time. This makes it possible to know, in real time, if you are generating more power than you are consuming, and whether you are sending power to, or pulling power from, the grid.

How to install an Omnimeter (similar for all Omnimeter models):

These meters are also supported by our revolutionary EKM Push3 system. This is our cloud-based, plug-and-play, meter data solution. We are really excited about this new system, and recommend it for most remote reading applications that use our Omnimeter models. Push3 users can also take advantage of Encompass.io, which is our free online dashboard and meter management suite.



Encompass.io is our free online meter management platform for monitoring data, managing meters, generating bills, and more. It is designed specifically for people who are remotely reading their meters via the EKM Push system. This platform can be used to visualize data on customizable dashboards, visualize cost, monitor trends, group meters, and a lot more. Each meter and meter group in Encompass can also be set up to email you, and/or your tenant, PDF bills. Here is a sample PDF electric bill:

EKM Widget

The EKM Widget offers another option for quickly seeing your meter data online for Push3 users. It is also easy to save and share your Widget setting once you have it setup how you want. Here are a couple examples:

EKM Dash

Our Omnimeters are also fully supported by our free, remote reading, EKM Dash software. If you want to read your Omnimeter on a computer locally, without the Push3 system, then this software is what you would use. You will also need an EKM Blink USB Converter in order to do so.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

Spec Sheet: Omnimeter HV v.5 Spec Sheet

To better understand the differences between Omnimeter models you can download our Omnimeter and Communication Device Comparison Chart.


Ask a Question
  • Hello. I was wondering, what the shortest amount of time that one can have between data points with this device? Thank you!

    It takes about 3/4 of a second for a full meter request and then a full meter response.  So 3/4 of a second is about as fast as you can go if you really tune your software.  Our EKM Dash software can read about once per second.  The EKM Push system reads each meter once per minute by default, but can read an individual meter once per second if need be.

    If you need to read faster than this we do have a multiprotocol meter that can be read faster over modbus, if you are only looking for particular values only.

  • You say the battery will ensure that the meter remains powered in the event that power goes out and that the EKM Push gateway can continue to count pulses from water meters. But wouldn't the EKM Push gateway not be able to count pulses since it would have no power from the power outage?

    If you were to lose power for 30 minutes in the middle of your billing period, the Omnimeter HV v.5 with an 18650 battery installed would stay powered up and would continue to count pulses during the outage.  If the Push was not powered during this time, it would not read the meter, but this is OK.  You would have a 30 minute gap in your real-time data, but when the Push regained power and internet, it would start to read the Omnimeter HV v.5 and the pulse counts would be accurate in this case.  So your daily and monthly pulse counts would be accurate.

    If you want to be sure your EKM Push also does not lose power and connection to the internet during a power outage, you could connect the Push and your internet router to an Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS).  This will ensure that your systems always have power.   This would be overkill in most situations.

  • I need to meter equipment that is 3-phase 480 volts 40amps. (3 wire, no neutral required). The feeder comes from a load center that is 3-phase 277/480y but has no neutral since this panel is used for equipment that does not require neutral at 3-phase 480 volts. Which model if any can I use with this set up?

    If you do NOT have a neutral available, then you should use the Omnimeter HV v.5.  This meter can work on your 3-phase 3-wire 480V system. You would need a meter and two current transformers for this system. 

    If you ARE able to pull even a small neutral reference wire, then you can use our Omnimeter I v.3 or our Omnimeter Pulse v.4.  This is because if you connect the neutral to the meter, then you would be metering a 3-phase 4-wire 277/480V system at that point.  You would need a meter and three current transformers for this system.

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