Indoor Enclosure Kit EKM-IENC


Qty Price (USD)
1 - 9 $40.00
10 - 19 $37.40
20 - 49 $33.40
50 - 99 $29.40
100 - + $25.40
This is the Indoor Enclosure Kit (EKM-IENC), designed for EKM electric meters. It will work with any of our electric meter models except the Omnimeter HV v.5 (too big) and the EKM-15E (too small).
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Type: Indoor

Mounting: Surface Mount or Flush Mount

Dimensions: 6.75" Tall x 4.5" Wide x 2.5" Deep


Our Indoor kit will give you the cleanest looking installation for any indoor application. This kit comes with both the ability to surface mount or to cut-in flush mount your electric meter (please note that the EKM-15E and Omnimeter HV v.5 should use different enclosure models).

This is a custom designed meter case, the face of the meter is all that is left exposed, so that you can easily read the measured values off of the face of your submeter.

The $40 kit includes both surface-mount and flush-mount covers, DIN-rail, and mounting hardware for cut-in blind flush-mounting. It also has two threaded 1/2" knockout conduit connections on the top, bottom, and back, for easy and secure conduit connections.

This enclosure kit will work with these electric meter models: Omnimeter I v.3, Omnimeter II v.3 UL, Omnimeter Pulse v.4, Omnimeter Pulse v.4 UL, and EKM-25XDSE.  It will not work with the Omnimeter HV v.5 or the EKM-15E.

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Spec Sheet: Indoor Enclosure Spec Sheet PDF


Ask a Question
  • Does it meet Australian standard or used in Autralia?

    This enclosure does not have any certifications related to Australian standards. I would recommend our UL Listed enclosure which may work well for your needs. We often sell them for use in Australia. 

  • Does your enclosure come with 3/4" threaded holes? I will be using #6 AWG.

    Our indoor enclosures have two threaded 1/2" knockout conduit connections on the top, bottom, and back, for easy and secure conduit connections.

    You can also simply use a hole saw to cut or drill your own size hole wherever desired.

    Thanks - Seth, EKM Metering

  • For the EKM-1ENC enclosure, what is the center to center distance between the input ports on the top and bottom? Do they line up with the pass-thru ports of the enclosed meter?

    Distance from center to center of the two top knockout holes is 1-5/8”.

    Spacing is similar to that of our pass-through style meters so that you can easily run your wires through the enclosure and the meter and back out the enclosure.