Property Managers

Our Metering Packages are a great solution for Property Managers and include everything that is needed to meter the electricity consumption of multiple rental units, in any number of properties around the world, and view the meter data online. This capability is facilitated by our EKM Push and its cloud-based data system. It allows you to send all of your meter data to one place in the cloud where you can easily access it. This gives you the ability to manage the energy use, from all the properties in you portfolio, from one place. Our EKM Dash software allows you to retrieve data from the Push system and store it on a computer. Your can also schedule emails, export to .CSV files, and much more, all from within the EKM Dash software.

4 Omnimeters in Indoor Enclosures

The basic cloud metering package includes one meter, Current Transformer(s), one EKM Push gateway, and a registration key for the EKM Dash software. This will allow you to monitor the total energy consumption of one apartment, town home, restaurant, commercial space, etc. For multi-unit rentals, additional meters and CTs will be needed. However, they can be included with the system at the time of installation or easily added at a later date. Multiple meters(up to 256) can be connected to the same EKM Push gateway, and an unlimited number Push gateways can be used on the same account. Our basic solution has a one-time cost; there are no monthly or annual fees for the Push service.

Our web-based Widget is another option that shows the capability of the EKM Push system. The examples below show that it is possible to get electricity, water, and gas meter data in the cloud.

Remote Electricity Reading:

Remote Water Reading:

Remote Gas Reading:

Our packages are also completely customizable and can be assembled according to your needs. For example, adding things like enclosures, a USB Adapter, or even the EKM Push Capability, are all optional. Only the Meter and CT(s) are completely necessary for a basic metering system.


To assemble and customize the right package for your needs, choose from the links below, separated by electrical system.

120 Volt 2-Wire Electrical Systems: 120V Metering Package

120/240 Volt 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 120/240V Metering Package

3-Phase 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 3-Wire Metering Package

3-Phase 4-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 4-Wire Metering Package

Remote Electricity, and/or Water, and/or Gas Metering: Electricity, Water, and Gas Metering Package