Water Monitoring

Water is a precious resource that should not be wasted. So therefore, in our view, it should not go un-monitored. Water that is measured, recorded, and understood, is less likely to leak and less likely to be wasted. We've designed a system that will allow you to monitor water usage remotely from anywhere in the world.

We have Pulse Output Water Meters that can either be read directly from the dials on the face of the meter, or remotely by our Omnimeter Pulse v.4 and the EKM Push System. The EKM Push system will automatically record your water use over time, making it possible to optimize, track, and improve your water use efficiency. This system sends your water use data to the cloud where you can access it with your computer or mobile device. This allows you to know, in real time, what your current usage is for the day, week, month, or year. It will also let you know if your water is running when it shouldn't be. Leak detection alone can save you thousands of dollars by preventing water damage, not to mention what you could save by mitigating usage penalties from your water utility. We also provide the data for free. In other words, there are no recurring fees for our cloud data service, so any savings you see associated with leak detection, or water conservation, remain in your wallet.

You can either get raw data in a variety of different formats from our Open API, or monitor your water meter data with one of our software options. Our preferred method of monitoring water meter data is via Encompass.io, which is our web application designed for this purpose. You can convert pulses to units of water and assign a cost to those units. This allows you to monitor how much you are spending and/or how much you are saving due to your conservation efforts.

Another great way to quickly view you water data is with the EKM Widget. The examples below show water usage over a couple of different time periods. The same widget can be customized to show you water meter data and will display on virtually any internet browser from your computer or mobile device.

Home Water Consumption:

The example above indicates that there might be a small leak in this home. You can infer this because the baseline usage is 0.75 gallons (0.1 cubic foot), not 0 gallons. In other words, the water meter always increments at least 0.75 gallons per day. Because the residents are occasionally aways from home, and the meter still reads 0.75 gallons on those days, you can infer that there is a leak somewhere.

Click the link for more information about EKM Widget shown above.

Water Metering Package:

To assemble and customize the right water metering system for your needs, click the link below.

Electricity, and/or Water, and/or Gas Metering Package