EKM iSerial v.2 TCP/IP Ethernet to RS-485 Serial Converter



EKM iSerial v.2 TCP/IP to Serial converter ethernet connection
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Description: TCP/IP (Ethernet) to RS-485 Converter

Advantages: Use this converter to be able to read your meters over the internet from any computer in the world.

The EKM iSerial works well if you are reading a few meters and have strong knowledge of computers and networking (this is also the only way to read v.2 meters over the internet). If you are going to be reading more than a few meters or have limited experience with networking, we will recommend that you go with the new EKM Push system for its scalability and ease of use. Here is more information: EKM Push

  • The iSerial is versatile and easy to place. One or more of these converters can be placed wherever it is convenient for connection to the meter(s), and conveniently located for a connection to a TCP/IP (ethernet) network.
  • Our EKM iSerial allows flexible access to your meter data. Any computer, either on a local area network (LAN) or connected via the internet from anywhere in the world, can read and configure the meters using our EKM Dash software.
  • A string of up to 256 daisy chained meters can connect to an ethernet network through this device, and are then ready to be read remotely. No on-site computer is necessary.

This device comes pre-configured for 9600 baud, which will work well with our Omnimeter Line of kWh meters, such as our EKM-Omnimeter I v.3 and EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4. If you are using a v.2 meter this device will have to be preset to 1200 baud. For more information about how to setup your iSerial and how to make changes in the iSerial settings, please refer to our online Knowledge Base

iSerial: iSerial User Manual

Check out the communication diagram showing how the iSerial Ethernet to RS-485 converter can be connected to up to 256 meters.

Works with all of our RS-485 enabled smart meters, including our v.2 meters, our Omnimeter Models.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

iSerial VCOM: Virtual COM Port Software Help .pdf

iSerial VCOM Software Download: Download Virtual COM Port Software (PC Only, diagnostic use only, not for reading meters)


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  • I have 4 x Schneider PM 3250 meters in a board, and a Schneider Electric ION monitoring system. Can I use the EKM Iserial to as a gateway to convert the modbus signal over a local LAN Network?

    The iSerial is simply an RS-485 serial to TCP/IP converter. It is agnostic as to the RS-485 protocol so it is likely that it would work with Schneider meters' modbus protocol. However, we don't have any experience with the meters you mentioned so I can't say for sure that the iSerial would work with them. If they are compatible then you can use the iSerial to communicate with the meter over a LAN network.

  • Can a PLC request data from the iSerial? If so, do you have any related documentation?

    I'm not sure that I understand your questions completely. "PLC" can refer to Programmable Logic Controller, or Power Line Communication, both are used in our industry.

    The iSerial does not store any data, it simply translates serial data to TCP/IP and visa versa. 

    If you have any more detail about what you're trying to do, or if you have another question, I would direct you to use our contact form so we can have an easier back and forth.

  • If I have more than 256 meters in the same site and want to combine the data, can I have one segment of let's say, a 100 meters per iSerial and download one segment at a time, then combine the data? If so how do I separate which meters belong to which segment ? I would also be using zigbees.

    All of our Omnimeters have unique 12 digit serial numbers, so you could potentially have billions of meters, each with their own unique serial number. The 256 meter limitation that you alluded to is a limitation of Modbus, which doesn't allow you to have more than 256 serial numbers. Our meters do not use a Modbus communication standard. Our meters use a modified version of an IEC 62056-21 communication standard, which allows for each of our meters to have a unique address. This is inherently more scalable and makes large deployments of our meters much easier.

    You can have up to 256 meters on a single RS-485 bus, or an infinite number of meters if you're using our 485Bee Zigbee radios, because each one creates it's own bus. Our EKM Push has a 50 meter limit per gateway, but you can have an infinite number of gateways all pushing data to the same cloud account.

  • What are the specs on the AC Adapter for this? And where can I get one? Thank you

    The Specs for the iSerial AC adapter are:

    Input: 100-240VAC
    Output: 9VDC, 1000mA

    The iSerial will accept a 9-24VDC power supply. We offer a 12VDC Power Supply which will work well as a replacement.