Our Vision

EKM Metering's mission is to provide reliable, accurate, and affordable submetering solutions with easy, unrestricted access to meter data.

EKM Metering Inc. designs and sells electric meters, water meters, and gas meters, as well as communication systems that provide free and unrestricted access to meter data. Our vision is to provide submetering solutions to fill the niche between traditional “dumb” meters, which are costly to install and need to be individually and locally read, and very expensive metering services or metering systems that require a high level of expertise to install and configure.

Driving this vision is a desire to do something that will not only be of benefit to ourselves and to our customers—the basis of good business—but will be of benefit to the planet as well. Our own experience has convinced us that metering and monitoring of our energy, water, and gas consumption leads to immediate and significant reduction of usage, of up to 50% in some cases.

What we offer are compact, state-of-the-art submeters, matched with user-friendly software and an inexpensive hardware interface. These are integrated in an easy-to-install but powerful system capable of remote, automatic reading and reporting to a local or remote computer. We offer submeters and submetering systems to meet the needs of homeowners, business owners, factory owners, tenants, property managers, etc., with as few as one or up to thousands of units or devices to meter.

What sets EKM Metering apart from other metering companies?

  • We offer meters, such as our Omnimeter I v.3, that are much more capable than our competitor's meters, yet at a lower price than our competitors. This Omnimeter, for example, can be used to meter nearly any electrical system up to 480 volts.

  • We are introducing an entirely new meter communication system called the EKM Push that will provide you with FREE and unrestricted access to your submeter data. This allows you to read your meters remotely from anywhere in the world via the internet. Check out our EKM Widget for an example of this system's capabilities.

  • While our competitors charge for billing services, we provide you with the tools to handle this yourself, with no monthly or annual fees.

  • We pride ourselves on our customer service and make every effort to ensure that our customer's needs are met.

  • Our meters are revenue-grade, industrial strength units that simultaneously measure the amperage, voltage, and power factor of your system. This allows them to be much more accurate than other "energy monitors" on the market.

  • All of our Omnimeter models feature the same chipset (Teridian) as meters that are 5x more expensive.

What are our products used for?

  • Our products are designed for sub-utility use, so what we offer are revenue-grade sub-metering systems. They are ideally suited for situations where a rental property has multiple units for rent but not every unit has its own utility meter. In this case our system can be installed to sub-meter those units, which allows the landlord, or property manager, to bill the tenants according to their actual usage, instead of a flat rate. This turns out to be a good deal for both the landlord and tenant, because the landlord doesn't have to pay for the tenants' energy, water, and/or gas usage, and the tenants can save money by conserving. Win-win. Our customers do this with apartments, granny units, marinas, trailer parks, campgrounds, truck stops, etc.

  • Our sub meters are also perfect for monitoring solar PV and wind energy generation, as our meters log kWh, reverse kWh (Solar generation), and total kWh. This can help you better understand how much electricity is coming from, or going into, the grid. Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4 is ideally suited for this purpose because it provides direction of current in real time, which allows you to determine the Net Watts (forward or reverse) at any time. You can also use this meter to earn SREC credits when applicable.

  • Our meters can be used on a wide range of electrical systems. For example, they will work on a low voltage, low amperage, single phase, residential system but they will also work on a high voltage (up to 480V), high amperage (up to 5000A), 3-phase industrial electrical system.

  • The EKM Push system, and the free data in the cloud that it provides, allows people to create their own dash boards and other interesting ways to view their data online. The data is available in XML format to make it easy for developers to work with. The data can also be pulled by our EKM Dash Software.

  • The EKM Dash allows users to log meter data, visualize the data on real time and historical graphs (for electricity, water, and/or gas), schedule reports and bills, export CSV files, change meter settings, control relays, and much more. This is a one time purchase with no monthly or annual fees.

  • The Omnimeter Pulse v.4 meter can not only count pulses from up to 3 pulse-output devices, but it can also control up to 2 external relays, such as our EKM Switch 120. This allows you to turn things on and off remotely, such as a hot tub, lights, air conditioner, furnace, etc. This is easily done using the EKM Dash software.

  • Our systems are used to meter individual circuits, machinery, pool pumps, electric vehicles, HVAC units, as well as many other appliances and applications.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.