Gas Meters

Gas Meters

Pulse Output Gas Meters  

Our Pulse Output Gas Meters can be read like a normal read-off-the-face gas meter and they also have the ability to be read remotely. For every cubic foot of gas that is metered, this gas meter produces an electrical pulse. These pulses can be measured and counted by our EKM Omnimeter Pulse v.4, which is our new pulse counting electric meter. This pulse counting meter has the ability to count pulses from up to three pulse-output devices, such as gas or water meters. With this system in place you will be able to read your gas consumption with a computer, either locally or over the internet from anywhere in the world. Our v.4 Omnimeters are supported by our EKM Push cloud-based meter data system, which provides free and easy data access from virtually anywhere. In other words, you can now monitor all of your gas, and/or electricity, and/or water meters from one cloud account, for free. Below is an example of our EKM Widget that has been set up to display gas usage.

Remote Gas Reading:

You can use our gas meters to measure natural gas, propane (LPG), air, or any other non-corrosive gas. It is a simple 2-wire connection between the gas meter and Omnimeter Pulse v.4. No additional power source is required. The pulse count can also be read remotely using the our free, EKM Dash software. If the pulse output wire leads are not used for remote reading, they can be ignored or removed.

Due to their physical size, we will ship orders with gas meters via USPS Parcel Post.

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Click the link to download the 3/4" Pulse Output Gas Meter Spec Sheet.

Click the link to download the 1.5" Gas Meter Spec Sheet.

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