Split-core CT, 800A, 800A:26.6mA, 65mm (2.56") Hole Diameter, SCT-065-800

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Split-Core 800A Current Transformer, 800A:26.6mA, SCT-065-800 #38
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CT Type: Split-Core

Amperage: 800 amps

Inside Diameter: 65 mm or 2.56 inches

Outside Diameter: 118 mm or 4.65 inches

Thickness: 26 mm or 1.02 inches

Model: SCT-065-800

Certifications: CE

For use with our Omnimeter line of electric kWh meters.

These CTs are extremely accurate and will meter heavy loads to a high degree of precision. They have 30,075 internal turns, creating a 26.6 mA output at full amperage (800A). They are also exceedingly precise at 0.1% accurate which makes them ideal for revenue-grade applications. Use these CTs for any system from under 1 amp to 800 amps.

Split-core CT (Openable), 800A, 800A:26.6mA, 65mm Hole Diameter, SCT-065-800

Select these 800 amp CTs for ease of installation. If you do not want to disconnect your wires, or if you do not have good access to the wires being read, the split core design may be a labor savings for you. Simply close them around the wires being read and snap the catches into place.

  • Use 1 CT for 120 volt single phase North American, or 230 volt 2-wire foreign systems
  • Use 2 CTs for 120/240 volt single phase systems
  • Use 2 CTs for 3-phase 3-wire systems (no neutral)
  • Use 3 CTs for 3-phase 4-wire systems

These are 0.1% accurate CTs with a 26.6 mA output. Our line of CTs have superior abilities at measuring the phase angle of AC systems.

Use with our Universal EKM Omnimeter line of kWh meters

Each CT comes with 6 feet of wire leads.

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  • What is the ratio (multiplier) to apply to correctly interpret analog signal amps?

    Thanks for your inquiry. Our CTs output 26.6mA when the wire passing through their center is at full amperage. So for the CT you mentioned - the SCT-065-800 - this CT will output 26.6mA when 800A is passing through it. This also means that if you only ran 400A through this CT then it would output 13.3mA, for instance.

    We only support these CTs for use with our Omnimeters, which are designed to work directly with our CTs.

    More about our metering options here.