EKM Switch120

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The EKM-Switch120 is a power cord that switches 120 VAC with a DC control voltage of 3.3–60 VDC, which allows it to be controlled remotely.
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Description: Remote Switchable 120 VAC Power Strip with 4x outlets.

Connections: Low Voltage DC Pos(+) and Neg(-), 1x Standard male 3-prong NEMA 5-15 120 VAC, 1x Always On Standard female 3-prong NEMA 5-15 120 VAC, 1x Normally On Standard female 3-prong NEMA 5-15 120 VAC, 2x Normally Off Standard female 3-prong NEMA 5-15 120 VAC

Model: EKM-S120

Control 2 of these 120 volt switches by connecting them to our Omnimeter Pulse v.4 or Omnimeter HV v.5

Each switch can be controlled independently using a Push3 gateway and Push Account Portal, or a USB Converter and the EKM Dash software, by connecting them to Output1 and Output 2 on the v.4 or v.5 Omnimeter.

This is a power cord that switches 120 VAC (up to 15 amps) with a DC control voltage of 3 VDC @ 3mA to 12 VDC @ 30 mA. This device gives you the capability to turn your power on/off remotely using a very tiny control voltage! It is big enough to control major loads: pumps, lights, appliances, etc.

It's Safe:

  • 3kV optical isolation – eliminates shock hazard.
  • Relay hysteresis – prevents relay chatter.
  • De-bounce protection – extends contact life.
  • LEDs – verify input voltage and switch state.
  • No exposed 120 VAC voltages and no dangerous 120 VAC wiring required.
  • Plugs into standard American 120 VAC 3-prong household outlets, power strips, and extension cords.
  • Eliminates the exposure of hazardous voltages in DIY projects, classrooms, and on development work benches.
  • No special 120 VAC wiring when deploying new products and custom solutions.
  • Can be installed by non-technical users.
  • 5300 Vrms isolation from the 120 VAC circuit.
  • A 12A thermal safety circuit breaker switch prevents overloads and adds supplemental protection.
  • A large 3600W MOV clamps surges for clean power

It's Convenient:

  • Easily inserts between power source and corded electrical devices.
  • Switches up to 15 amps with a control signal as low as 3vdc at 3ma. Ideal for use with battery operated controllers or micro controllers.
  • Connects directly to an Arduino or other MCU digital pin without the need for driver transistor or buffer circuit.
  • Two-wire voltage control signal connects to terminal block (30-14 AWG).
  • LED indicator shows status of control signal.
  • Units are "stackable" and easily mount with two screws.
  • Connect input plug to wall outlet or power strip.
  • Connect output receptacle to a single powered device or up to 4 powered devices.
  • Output devices may be 3-prong or 2-prong appliances or lights.
  • Convenient safety ground connection available for grounding external control circuit.


  • AC input: NEMA 5-15P Plug, standard 120vac with ground.
  • AC output: NEMA 5-15R Receptacle, standard 120vac with ground.
  • Switching capacity: 15amps @ 120vac.
  • Life expectancy: The durable SPDT control relay is rated at 30/40A, 400,000 operations at 12A resistive. At no load the estimated lifetime is 5.3 million mechanical operations.
  • Control input: 3.3–60 VDC (3-30ma) or 12–120 VAC, terminal block accepts #30-14 AWG wire.
  • Switching Speed: 15 ms max actuate, 10 ms max release.
  • DC to AC circuit isolation: 5300 Vrms.
  • Indicator: LED indicates when DC side is energized.
  • Protection: AC side protected with 150V AC MOV; DC side is transient free.
  • Mounting: Two #6 screws. Indoor use only.
  • Temperature: -35ºF–145ºF

Spec Sheet: Switch120 Spec Sheet .pdf

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