EKM Lever Nut

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EKM Lever Wire Nut
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Function: Convenient Lever Action Wire Nuts

Uses: High Voltage or RS-485 Data Wires

Model: EKM-Lever Nut

We find these 5 Port Lever Wire nuts to be useful for a variety of applications. We use them to securely connect high voltage wires together and also for connecting our RS-485 twisted pair data wires together.

All 5 ports connect together like a wire nut.

To install: un-clamp all of the levers, then insert your wires, then clamp them back down

up to 600V, 20 amps at 300 v, 28 AWG to 12 AWG wire, UL Listed

Offered as a convenience for our meter customers only. Please only purchase these if you are also buying other items.

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