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Send your EKM Push data to DEXMA:

Cost: $450 to $1120 per year

Data: 15 minute - Historical, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Charts

Increase your ability to visualize, analyze, report and identify energy efficiency opportunities by integrating your EKM data with the Dexma Energy Intelligence Platform! EKM and Dexma have developed an integrated solution that will drive value from your meter data!

From the Dexma website:

DEXMA provides a flexible, cost-effective set of integrated hardware and software tools that enable full visibility of energy consumption. Our advanced monitoring, analytics and reporting tools empower businesses across a range of industries to cut costs, manage energy, improve operational performance resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.

DEXCell Energy Manager is a Cloud-based energy management solution that gives users real-time visibility of their entire energy usage constellation – regardless of distribution, complexity or size – so they can leverage data to identify and prioritize savings opportunities. DEXCell Energy Manager communicates with your system of meters and devices either via its rapid and reliable DEXGate hardware or through seamless integration with EKM or any third-party device.

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Dashboards for Energy Data Visualization

Maximize visibility of energy management with DEXMA’s flexible, customizable dashboards.

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Automate Reporting

Easily generate comprehensive and detailed reports to show overall consumption and cost performance


Smart Alerts

Let DEXCell Energy Manager work for you, be notified via email or SMS if something goes wrong or you are not achieving your energy savings targets

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Robust analytics for Cost allocation, Normalization, Measurement and Verification

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Where to go to sign up: DEXMA Website

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