EKM Inline Fuse Holder w/ 1 amp Fuse


EKM-Fuse Fuse Holder with 1 Amp Fuse
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Function: Protect the Voltage Reference Wires

Type: Fast Acting 1 Amp Fuse

Model: EKM-Fuse

We offer these as a convenience. We recommend (and UL requires) that the hot lead voltage reference wires be fuse protected with 1 amp fuses. These would be placed inline with with voltage reference wires. We would connect these at or near the point of reference (near the breaker panel in most cases) and then run the distance to the meter using smaller wire.

The fuse holder comes with a 1 amp fuse inside.

UL Recognized 250 volt Fuse Holder with 1 amp 250 volt ACC fuse. 12AWG wire size.

Offered as a convenience for our meter customers only. Please only purchase these if you are also buying other items.

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Click the link to download the spec sheet: Inline Fuse Holder Spec Sheet.


Ask a Question
  • What gauge the wires on the ends of the fuse holder?

    The wire is 12 AWG. Here is the spec sheet for the fuse holder.

  • Is a 3D CAD Model of this item available? Thank You, Tony

    Unfortunately we don't have a 3D model for this fuse holder.

  • Which UL standard requires the use of a fuse? And is the included fuse a slow blow type?

    Our Omnimeter II v.3 UL and the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 UL are both UL Listed to 61010-1, they both require a fuse on each hot line for a proper UL install.  The inline fuse we supply is a 1 amp fast acting fuse:  https://www.ekmmetering.com/collections/accessories/products/ekm-inline-fuse-holder-w-1-amp-fuse

    You should install the fuse near the breaker or the source of the voltage reference, then run a longer wire to connect to the voltage reference inputs on the Omnimeter.


  • The description say that these fuses are rated for 250 Volts. I have a 480 Volt system. Do you have fusing to protect the 480 Volt system? It is 3 phase 4 wire

    At the very least you will want to use 480 volt rated internal fuses (rather than the 250 volts that the internal fuse that we sell is rated for).  The fuse holder has a 500 volt insulation resistance, but they are also only rated to 250 volts.  We do not carry 480 volt rated fuses and fuse holders.  Here is the spec sheet for the fuse holder and fuse that we carry.