8 Digit Pulse Counter v.2


The 8 digit Pulse Counter is battery powered and will count pulses from any of our pulse output Water Meters, Gas Meters, or kWh Meters, for up to 10 years.
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Type: 8 Digit Pulse Counter

Model: PC8-v2

Battery: 10 Year Life

Input Signal: Relay or Switch Contact

Voltage Input: 0–18V

Display: 10mm LCD

Operating Temperature: -20–60ºC

Terminals: Screw Type

Reset: Front Facing Button (disable-able) or Rear Terminal

This is a well made 8 Digit Pulse Counter that will count and display pulses. These pulses could be from your Pulse Output Water Meters, or your Pulse Output Gas Meters. The Pulses reflect a usage value. For example, our 3/4 Pulse Output Water Meter pulses once for every 1/10 cubic foot (approx. 0.75 gallon) that passes through it. The pulse counter will count those pulses. As the pulse counter has an 8 digit display, it can count up to 99,999,999 pulses, or in the case of the aforementioned water meter, approximately 75 Million gallons.

The pulse counter has an internal lithium battery that will last up to 10 years.

The total pulse count can manually be reset to zero using the button on the front or via the contacts on the back of the counter. The front button can also be disabled by removing a pin jumper on the side of the counter. Refer the the spec sheet below for instructions.

Connect pulse output water and gas meters to terminals 2 (signal) and 6 (ground) on the back of the 8 Digit Pulse Counter.

The LCD screen can be backlit by supplying 5VDC to terminal 5 on the back of the pulse counter.

This Pulse Counter is not watertight and should be installed in a protected enclosure or environment to prevent damage. 

A bezel and gasket are included for mounting and a retention spring clip will hold to pulse counter in place. Bezel screws are not included.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

Here is the spec sheet: 8 Digit LCD Battery Powered Pulse Counter


Ask a Question
  • can this counter connect with flow meter which is giving pulse output to count the exact quantity of water passing through pipe line ?

    Yes, this Pulse Counter will give you the exact number of pulses that your water meter, gas meter, or electric meter produces.  In the case of our water meters a single Pulse equals either 0.1 or 0.01 cubic feet of water.  This Pulse Counter can be reset to zero if you short terminal 3 to terminal 4.

  • What is the furthest distance the reader can be installed from the water meter?

    We use 200 feet as a rule of thumb.  This is the distance from your pulse output water or gas meter to the pulse counting Omnimeter Pulse v.4, or the 8 digit pulse counter.

  • do you have a counter that can be wired to low voltage dc? i know these batteries don\'t last more than 2 years i have 4 of these)

    We do not have a Pulse Counter that is powered by an external low voltage DC source at this time (January 2018).  This is something we would like to provide in the future.  For now all we have is the 8 digit battery powered pulse counter, and the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 (powered by line voltage).  Im sorry to hear you are having trouble with your battery powered pulse counters.  Please email us about this, we will take them back and send you new ones, I think the newer ones are made better and should not drain the battery.  The battery in the 8 digit pulse counter should last at least 10 years.

  • Can I hook up two of these to one water meter? One as running total not to be reset, the other user resettable to count over a period of time.

    It's possible that this would work on all of our water meters but I haven't tested this on the meters that have a single pulse output. Our HD and CF water meter models actually have two pulse outputs (3 wires). You could connect two pulse counters to these meters by using all three wires and sharing the common ground wire with a jumper wire.

  • Can this pulse counter be installed in parallel with a smart meter to provide a local display and input for the smart meter?

    Yes you could install this pulse counter on one of our smart meters' pulse output to give you a local display. However, our kWh meters already have a local display via their LCD screens, so this setup would be redundant. Our Omnimeters can either be read locally on the LCD screen, on a computer locally, or over the internet via our EKM Push system.

  • Is this for electric meters too? where would it sit after connecting it?

    This could technically be used in conjunction with our electric meters but it is not necessary. Our electric meters already have digital LCD screens that display kWh values. The 8 Digit Pulse Counter is most useful for digitizing the analog pulse outputs coming from our water and gas meters.

  • Can this counter be directly attached to the \"3/4\" Pulse Output Gas Meter - PGM.75\"?

    Yes. The pulse wires coming from the gas meter can connect directly to the PC8. Once that is done, the digital display on the pulse counter will increment every time a cubic foot of gas flows through the 3/4" gas meter. Keep in mind that the PC8 needs to be installed in a protected environment out of the elements, so it may be necessary to lengthen the wires coming from the gas meter so that the PC8 can be installed in an appropriate place. This can be easily done using one of the twisted pairs inside a length of CAT5 Wire.

  • Does this counter use a 2W or 3W input?

    I'm not sure that I understand your question completely. The Pulse Counter is powered by an internal 3.3V Lithium Ion battery. The pulses do not relate to wattage. The counter increments whenever a circuit regains continuity, like if you touch both ends of a wire to terminals 1 and 2 on the pulse counter, for example. More technical information is available on the PC8 Spec sheet.

  • The PC8-v2 pulse counter, will it count a dry contact closure without dc voltage signal on it? Basically just a set of contacts closing, like you are just touching the wire terminated on #2 and #6 together? Thanks

    Yes, absolutely!  What you describe is exactly how the 8 digit pulse counter works with our water meters and gas meters (which both have non-powered dry contact pulse outputs)

  • Where do wires from your gas meter products connect on this counter?

    You will want to use terminals 2 and 6 on the EKM-PC8 v.2 pulse counter.

  • Looking for ekm pc8 pulse counter

    It sounds like you might be looking for the 8 digit pulse counter that we used to offer.  It was made of light tan plastic.  We discontinued that model, because it was just not reliable enough for our customers.  We replaced it with the black 8 digit pulse counter, which is much more reliable.  So I would highly recommend you go with the new black plastic 8 digit pulse counter and not the older light tan plastic 8 digit pulse counter.


  • where do I tie in the two wires from the meter?

    You will want to connect the wires from your pulse output water meter or gas meter to port 2 and port 6 on the 8 digit pulse counter.