3/4 Inch Hot Water Meter - Stainless Steel, Pulse Output


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3/4" Stainless Steel Pulse Output Hot Water Meter - HOT-SPWM-075-CF
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Type: 3/4" Stainless Steel Pulse-Output Hot Water Meter

Mounting: Horizontal Inline Mount -- 3/4" Male NPT Pipe Threads

Units: Cubic Feet

Pulse Output: 1 Pulse Per 1/10 cubic foot (approx. 0.75 gallon)

Model: HOT-SPWM-075-CF

Maximum Water Temperature: 165ºF (74ºC)

Our remote readable 3/4" Hot Water Meters are a great solution for remotely, or locally, monitoring hot or cold water consumption.

This is a well made, industrial grade, stainless steel (201 grade) water meter. You can use it as a traditional water meter, where the water consumption is read off of the dials on the face of the meter. It also has the added functionality of being able to connect the pulse-output wires to a pulse counting device. This water meter produces one pulse for every 1/10 cubic foot (approx. 0.75 gallons, or 2.83 liters) that flows through the meter. These pulses can be then picked up and counted by our pulse counting devices. The pulse output wires can be extended up to 10,000 ft.

Remote Water Reading: 

This meter is designed to generate pulses at a high rate to provide high granularity data when set up to read with a computer. This high granularity can provide better insights into usage patterns. In particular, it can tell you if you have a leak in your water system, because it only takes ~6.0 pints of water leakage to generate a pulse. In other words, if you see a pattern of pulses when you shouldn't (when you aren't intentionally using water) then you probably have a leak somewhere. The number of pulses over a given period of time will tell you how severe the leak is. Identifying and fixing hot water leaks can save a ton of money in water heating costs, not to mention mitigating the damage that any leak can cause.

This pulse output water meter can be connected to our EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4, which is our new pulse input meter. This is our most advanced electric meter to date. This meter can count the pulse outputs from up to 3 pulse output devices. It can also control up to 2 external relays, which allows you to turn things on and off remotely.

This water meter, when connected to a v.4 Omnimeter, can send pulse data to the cloud with our EKM Push3 data system. The Push3 sends all of your meter data to our cloud database and inserts it into your personal account, where you can access it for free. In other words, with this system you can easily monitor water use, at an unlimited number of sites around the world, for free.


Encompass.io is our free online meter management platform for monitoring data, managing meters, generating bills, and more. It is designed specifically for people who are remotely reading their meters via the Push3 system. This platform can be used to visualize data on customizable dashboards, visualize cost, monitor trends, group meters, and a lot more. Each meter and meter group in Encompass can also be set up to email you, and/or your tenant, PDF bills. Here is a sample PDF water bill:

EKM Widget

The EKM Widget offers another option for quickly seeing your water meter data online. It is also easy to save and share your Widget setting once you have it setup how you want. Here is an example:

Use these water submeters to meter the hot water consumption in your apartments, monitor flow to/from boilers, use them to detect leaks while you are away, or any other hot water application.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel body and fittings
  • Simple 2-wire connection between water meter and kWh meter
  • No additional power source required
  • Pulse count can be read remotely using the free, remote reading, Encompass.io, EKM Dash desktop software, or EKM Widget.
  • Quality materials and construction, 3/4" NPT Male Threads
  • Very reasonably priced water meter, even without the pulse output

    Max Operating Pressure: 140 psi

    This meter is not NSF 61 certified.

    For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

    Spec Sheet: 3/4 inch Stainless Steel Pulse Output Hot Water Meter Spec Sheet .pdf

    Compare water meter models: Water Meter Comparison Chart


    Ask a Question
    • Do you have an idea when you will have this in stock? Will you notify me? Peter

      We're expecting to have these back in stock in approximately 3–4 months. Please send us you email address if you would like to be notified when we have it back in stock. For now I would recommend that you take a look at the HOT-SPWM-075-HD, which we do have in stock.

    • Do you have a meter that measures in smaller increments? still at 3/4" I am looking to measure in .1 gallon increments but also looking to do it at ~ 10 to 20 gallons per minute. A way to monitor it electronically is also needed.

      Our current meters have the ability to be read remotely with a 0.1 cubic foot (0.748 gallons) increment granularity. This page explains the remote reading options for our water meters. The maximum flow rate for this meter is 1320.31 cubic feet per hour (22 gallons per minute).

    • What is the warranty on the product?

      These meters have a two year warranty.

    • What is the signal type for the pulse? Square wave? How long? From what min value to what maximum value? I am trying to see if I can read the pulse with an oscope or microprocessor. Thank you in advance.

      You can find the specs for the pulse unit of this meter here.

    • What is the difference between the hot water and cold water meter?

      The form factor of the 3/4" hot and cold water meters is the same. The difference is that the hot water meter uses different internal materials for it's internal components, which can withstand higher water temperatures without losing accuracy or wearing prematurely. Both meters should perform identically once installed. The hot water meter will also perform well as a cold water meter.

    • Is there a reset for the counter?

      The pulse output from the water meters does not count the pulses. It is a simple pulse output that must be counted by another device. If your question is regarding the 8 Digit Pulse Counter then yes, it is possible to reset this device by connecting a wire between terminals 3 and 4. Just touching a wire to these terminals will reset the pulse counter to 0. The spec sheet for the 8 Digit Pulse Counter is available HERE.

      If instead by pulse counter you mean the Omnimeter Pulse v.4, no, there is no way to reset the pulse to 0 in this pulse counting meter. However, if you're reading the Omnimeter with the EKM Dash software, it is possible to reset the pulse count to 0 in the software.


      The most basic remote reader that we offer is the 8 Digit Pulse Counter. The spec sheet for this product is available HERE.

      If by "remote" you mean able to be read with a computer and/or over the internet, you would instead connect the water meter to our Omnimeter Pulse v.4. The Omnimeter is then connected to a communication device such our EKM Push gateway. The spec sheet for the Omnimeter Pulse is available HERE.

    • Can these meters be used w/ a Glycol heat transfer medium in an apartment submetering shared boiler scenario?

      Our water meters are really only designed to be used with clean water.  But that being said, I imagine they would work with something that is non corrosive like glycol.  I do not know how much the different viscosity of water vs glycol would affect the water meter accuracy, I imagine the water meter would read a litte slow if anything.