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Rental Submetering

Revenue grade submetering systems for metering and billing tenants.

EV Charger Submetering

Submeter the energy consumption of electric cars and bill according to the kWh used.

Revenue Grade Accuracy

Electric, water, and gas submeters – certified revenue grade accuracy for billing applications.

The most common application for our metering systems is to submeter residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Submetering is the practice of installing revenue grade meters "behind" the utility meter in situations where each rental unit does not have it's own utility meter. This allows the landlord or property manager the bill their tenants for their actual electricity, water, and/or gas usage. The result is that the landlord no longer needs to subsidize tenants' utility costs by billing them a flat rate according to square footage, which is a best guess that by law need to be equal to, or less than, their fair share of the utility bill. This immediate money savings translates into a return on the metering system investment in an average of six months (depends on the application and utility billing rates).

Our submetering systems provide all of the hardware and software tools that are needed to submeter rental properties and bill tenants according to their actual usage, which is more equitable than billing at a flat rate. This is really the core benefit of our metering systems – they allow landlords or property managers to divide the utility bills between rental units according to actual tenant consumption, putting the onus on the tenants to conserve so they pay less. After our submetering systems are installed, we see around a 25% average decrease in consumption and overall expense. In other words, landlords save money because there is no more guessing and flat-rate billing (you are happy), the tenant can save money because their conservation is rewarded (they are happy), and ultimately, resources are conserved which is a good thing for our planet as well.


Four kWh meters in Indoor Enclosures

Electricity Submetering:

The options for electric metering run the gamut from basic meters that are read locally on the meters' LCD display to remote readable Omnimeters connected to the cloud via the EKM Push3 data system. Which option is right for you will depend on your budget, scale, and particular needs. Our recommend solution is the Omnimeter and Push3 as this is still an affordable option and it comes with a lot of benefits, including free data and software options. EKM does not charge recurring fees for once/minute read rate data

Our EKM Widget provides a simple display option that shows the capability of the Push3 system. The examples below show that it is possible to get electricity, water, and gas meter data in the cloud. For a more advanced software option we provide More on this below.

Water and Gas Submetering:

We offer submeters for water and gas that can also be read on their dials, like traditional analog meters, or they can be connected to the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 and Push3 in order to read them remotely over the internet. This is the solution that we recommend as it offers all of the same benefits that metering electricity via the EKM Push system does, i.e. scaleability, free data at your convenience, and free billing tools like

Our recommended software solution for Push3 users is, which is is our free online meter management platform for billing and data monitoring. It is designed specifically for people who are remotely reading their meters via the Push3 system. This platform can be used to visualize usage on dashboards, determine costs or savings, monitor trends, group meters, and a lot more. Each meter, or group of meters, in Encompass can be set up to email you PDF and/or CSV reports that you can use to monitor you meters or use for billing. Here is a sample PDF report for a group of meters:


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