The EKM Metering System: How It Works


All of our meters are designed with care.  Our focus is on reliability, economy, accuracy, and remote readability. We provide cutting edge and economical electric, water, and gas meters. Our systems focus on getting our customers the information they need to create accountability and to spur energy and water savings.


Our electric meters work by precisely measuring the current and voltage of your system thousands of times per second to give you revenue grade accuracy data. They can also be read remotely either by industry standard pulse outputs or by advanced 2-way communications through the RS-485 interface. This allows for much more frequent, accurate, and reliable data which can be accessed over the internet from anywhere in the world. Our meters are designed to give you the information to log usage, create bills, identify issues, and save energy.

Water and Gas:

Our Water Meters and Gas Meters are designed with pulse outputs to facilitate remote reading from anywhere in the world. These meters, when combined with our pulse input meter and communication device, provide a reliable, accurate, and remote readable system that brings your meter data to you. We believe that real-time access to water and gas metering data gives our customers the tools to save energy, water, and money.

Remote Metering:

All of our communication systems focus on reliable, cheap and easy access to your data. We have made some key decisions to make our products stand out. One of the best has been our use of RS-485 for meter communications. This standard allows for true 2 way data communications between our meters, our EKM Push communication system, and EKM Dash software. This has been important for some other reasons as well:

  • it is easier to install (only requires one twisted pair of wire, instead of dedicated wire pairs running back to an expensive pulse accumulator)
  • you can have up to 256 of our meters per converter (50 meters for each Push gateway) on up to 4000 feet of wire
  • the data is more reliable (if you lose your connection and regain it soon after, your data is not lost and you don't have to send someone to manually read all of your meters like you would with a pulse counting system)
  • RS-485 allows for wireless communications with our 485Bee
  • you get a lot more useful data out of your meter (instead of just kWH, you get Total kWh in up to 4 time-of-use periods, Reverse kWH in up to 4 time-of-use periods, volts on each line, amps on each line, watts on each line, total watts, power factor on each line, max demand, CT ratio, pulse counts, meter time and for some meters a host of other metered parameters.

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.

Real-time meter reading reading via the EKM Push system:

Historical meter reading reading via the EKM Push system: