EKM Push - Cloud Data System

EKM Push - Cloud Data System - EKM Metering Inc.

EKM Push - Cloud Data System


The EKM Push Communication system is our cloud-based meter data solution that works in conjunction with our v.3, v.4, and v.5 Omnimeters.

The Push data service is completely free! No recurring fees of any kind.

Description: Instantly Push Meter Data to the Web!

Meter Support: v.3, v.4, and v.5 Omnimeters

Connections: Ethernet, RS-485, Power

Data: One Minute Interval Meter Data

Included: Push gateway, 12 VDC Power Supply, small screwdriver

Model: EKM-Push2

**We are currently beta testing our new Push3 gateways and data system, which, in addition to what the Push2 provides, offers 2-way communication (meter settings and control), on-board data storage, optional WiFi connectivity, and more. If you are interested in being a beta tester, learn more here.**

The Push2 gateway is designed to work in conjunction with our Omnimeter line of kWh meters, in order to maximize their capabilities and data readability. All you have to do is plug it in! -- the EKM Push gateway handles all of the meter communication and inserts the reads into our cloud database. Data is available seamlessly and immediately from a known, fixed location in the cloud. The data can be accessed in a number of ways but our favorite is Encompass, which is a free option. All software options, both from EKM and some from 3rd parties, are available in the Push App Store.

There is nothing like this available; whether you are metering a single cottage or an international electric car charging network with tens of thousands of metered points, we believe the EKM Push will be the backbone of the next generation of metering. It represents a whole new era for meter data communications.

Our intent is to provide our customers with FREE, seamless, and unrestricted access to their data in real time. What we are offering is the most robust and capable hardware available, with easy and and reliable access to your data. Again, this service is free, with no monthly or annual fees.

For developers who are interested in working with our Open Push API, please check out our Developer Portal.

To connect your EKM Push device to your existing wireless network, you can use a 3rd party Wifi Bridge.

More Information (recommended you go here): More About the EKM Push System

For additional information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.


Encompass.io is our free online meter management platform for monitoring data, managing meters, generating bills, and more. It is designed specifically for people who are remotely reading their meters via the EKM Push system. This platform can be used to visualize data on customizable dashboards, visualize cost, monitor trends, group meters, and a lot more. Each meter and meter group in Encompass can also be set up to email you, and/or your tenant, PDF bills. Here is a sample PDF meter group bill:

EKM Widget

The EKM Widget offers another option for quickly seeing your meter data online for EKM Push users. It is also easy to save and share your Widget setting once you have it setup how you want. Here is an example:

For a full Widget example, click the link here: EKM Widget v3

EKM Dash

The EKM Push system also supports our remote reading, EKM Dash software. Also, if you want to read your Omnimeter on a computer locally, without the EKM Push system, then this software is what you would use. You will also need an EKM Blink USB Converter in order to do so.

EKM Push Spec Sheet: EKM Push Specs

To better understand the differences between communication methods you can download our Communication Device Comparison Chart.


Ask a Question
  • We'd like to push the meter data and time stamps to our own cloud server for integrated processing. Is there a way to do this directly from the EKM Push?

    The EKM Push that we currently sell can only push data to our servers.  We then give you free and open access to this data via our Open API.

    In the future we would like to develop the next generation of the EKM Push that will send data directly to your server or to your own AWS server.  That way your data would never touch our servers.  If you send us an email, we will let you know when we have this ability.

    If you would like to read your meters over the internet now, but do not want the data to go to our servers, then the EKM iSerial is the best option for you.

  • Is there any software available to use this device as a stand alone system for data logging? Where internet connections are not allowed for security reasons.

    Yes, you can use our EKM Dash software to log data from your Omnimeter using a USB Converter or EKM iSerial.  You would not need an EKM Push in this case (or a connection to the internet) and the meter data would not leave your premises.  You would setup your Dash software on a computer to read your Omnimeters 15 to 45 separate metered values as fast as once per second or as slow as once per hour.  All of this data would be logged to a database on your computer.  Here is a link to the EKM Dash.

  • How do the Water meters send the pulse to the omnimeter? (wire or wireless) If wireless, what\'s the range from the box to the meter?

    The pulses are sent via a wired connection. This cannot be done wirelessly because the "pulses" are just an unpowered reed switch closure. The pulses can be counted over a couple hundred feet of wire without any problem.

  • Can this device be powered by POE(power over Ethernet)?

    No, this device is not designed to be powered over ethernet. It does come with a 12V power supply.

  • Is it possible to connect a meter directly to this unit without needing the separate readout product? For example, a strictly remote application that would not require any in person readings?

    The EKM Push gateway simply connects the Omnimeters to the internet and our cloud database. Once it establishes this connection it pushes data that is inserted into our cloud database, where it can then be accessed from anywhere using a unique access key. Once this system is set up you should not need to read the meter on it's LCD screen anymore, as the remote read that the EKM Push system provides is all you should need.

  • I would like to power the Push unit off of the Omnimeter Pulse V.4. Which ports on the Omnimeter am I able to do this from? And what is the minimum gauge wire that can be used? Thanks.

    You can not power an EKM Push directly with the output from the v.4 Omnimeter. The output only provides ~50mA but the EKM Push requires at least 300mA in order to operate. This Video explains how the v.4 Omnimeter can be set up to power an external device with 12VDC.

  • Do we buy a EKM Dash license for every meter?

    No, you do not need to buy a Dash Registration Key for every meter. You can use the same key for multiple meters and on multiple computers. You also do not need to purchase a Dash Registration Key to use the EKM Push system. These are separate products. The Dash is our desktop software option that can be used to display EKM Push data. However, Dash is not the only way to display EKM Push data. Our Push App Store shows all available software options. We also have our Open API that can be used to call data directly for the EKM Push database, using your secure EKM Push User Key.

  • Can the EKM Push upload both the consumption and generation data from a single v4 Omnimeter to PVOutput with the Push app? Or will it just give me the nett value? I do have separate CTs on each line.

    The Push gateway sends the meter data to our cloud database where it is then accessed by PVOutput via Our API. The Omnimeter/Push data can include Total kWh and Reverse kWh for each meter, so it's up to PVOutput to make use of the data appropriately. To get complete insight into consumption and generation data you may need multiple meters. This page on our website details the options for solar metering. This page on our website has all of the display options for Push data.

  • Hi there, Can I set up a dashboard(s) that I control/administrate, and allow a user/tenant based access so they cannot change the settings? Can I set up different pages (addresses) for different tenants/users?

    Yes, Encompass allows this as part of it's Share Meter feature. This allows you to invite users to create their own Encompass account. Once they do they will have access to the meter(s) that you have invited them to access. You can set them up to either have viewer or admin permissions. A viewer cannot change settings but an admin can. Here is some more information about how to set this up: Share Meter

  • What are the firewall requirements for the EKM Push gateway to be able to reach the cloud database? What protocol and TCP ports need to be open outbound? Do any inbound ports need to be open?

    Typically there are no changes necessary to the firewall. The gateway has been designed to be plug and play. However, in certain situations port 8756 will need to be reopened if it has previously been closed.

    The device-server protocol is named AINP (Asynchronous and Isochronous data Network Protocol), and uses port 8756 outbound, as well as using port 8756 inbound in direct reply to outbound packets. The incoming packets are used to communicate associations and images to the device.

    Generally the incoming UDP packets are allowed through a firewall, as most firewalls support and default to the use of stateful UDP packet filtering, and this is not generally changed. To work correctly, most UDP protocols require either stateful UDP packet filtering or an explicit bidirectional "allow" rule, including DNS, VOIP, and VPNs.

  • Is it safe to mount the EKM push in a watertight enclosure taking into consideration that the enclosure does not allow air flow for cooling. What is the operating temperature range of the EKM push?

    It is safe to install the EKM Push inside a watertight enclosure. However, unless there is a compelling reason to do so, it is better to install the EKM Push next to your internet router.

    The operating temperature range for the EKM Push is -4ºF – 158ºF, the EKM Push Pro has a operating  temperature range of -40ºF – 185ºF

  • I'm planning to have the EKM Push close to the EKM Meter. Is there a maximum cable length for the ethernet cable between the EKM push and the router? Can I mount the EKM Push in the indoor enclosure or watertight enclosure EKM-EENC?

    The ethernet cable can be hundreds of feet long. You could also Put the EKM Push gateway near the internet router and then run a long CAT5 cable to connect the meter to the EKM Push gateway. In other words, you don't need to push the EKM Push close to the meters. Whatever works better in your particular case.

    The EKM Push will fit inside either of our watertight enclosures.

  • How much data (Bytes) is pushed up by an EKM Meter / Push combo to the EKM Cloud?

    Each read is about 200 bytes to transfer the meter data x the number of meters you have connected to the Push.

    +300 bytes per minute transfer is just the EKM Push checking in with the database.

    So for example, if you have 1 Meter connected it would be 200 bytes + 300 bytes = 0.5 kilobytes per minute or 720 kilobytes per day

    For 14 meters it would be: (14 x 200 bytes) + 300 bytes = 3.1 kilobytes per minute or 4464 kilobytes per day

    This assumes a once/minute read rate which is what we offer as a free service.

  • Does this have to have an active internet connection? Can it be used as a stand alone logger?

    The EKM Push gateway needs an active internet connecting in order to function, either via a direct ethernet connection, wifi bridge, or cellular connection. It does not have any on-board storage so cannot be used as a stand alone device.

  • How is this device mounted? I can not find any data sheet that shows mounting holes. I need hole locations so I can fab a mounting panel. Thanks.

    The EKM Push enclosure doesn't have any holes for mounting. It typically sits close to an internet router and is not mounted with additional hardware. With that being said, it is possible to attach an external DIN Rail Mounting Clip to the Push enclosure, or you could drill holes in the enclosure and mount it in another way. Be aware that this may void the warranty on the EKM Push gateway.

  • Hi there, I am wondering does this connect anyhow to a 120-V cord as it enters the home, like an extension cord, without the second Omni-meter II?

    I'm not sure I understand your question but, the EKM Push gateway is a communication device that sends Omnimeter data to the cloud. It will not function without being paired with one or more Omnimeters. It would be possible to set up an Omnimeter with one Current Transformer to meter a single 120V circuit, like a extension cord. The EKM Push could then be used to send your data to the cloud so you could read you meter on a computer or mobile device.

  • I currently have an EKM gas meter installed at my cabin. I'd like to see the data pushed to the cloud, I realize if I want to push several sources of data (Gas + Electric...) I'd need to Omnimeter. I'm wondering if I just have my gas meter pulse - can it be directly hooked up to the EKM Push? Or does it require the Omnimeter to operate?

    The gas meter would need to be connected to an Omnimeter Pulse v.4 before being connected to the EKM Push gateway. The v.4 Omnimeter counts the pulses from the gas meter, which are just an analog opening/closing of a switch according to a specific amount of gas, and turns those pulses into digital data which can then be pushed to our cloud servers.

    So the connection sequence would be: Gas Meter > Omnimeter Pulse v.4 > EKM Push > Internet Router > Cloud

    The v.4 Omnimeter has the ability to count pulses from up to three pulse output devices and can also be concurrently used as an electric meter, when paired with the appropriate number and size Current Transformers.

  • Im looking to use this product to submeter 5 sub panels. Can your hub hold 5 daisy chained Omnimeters?

    Yes. Each EKM Push gateway can connect to, up to, 50 daisy chained Omnimeters. You can also have an unlimited number of Push gateways sending data to the same cloud account. This allows you can manage any number of meters, using the same Push key, in a single interface.

  • We'd like to push the meter data and time stamps to our own cloud server for integrated processing. Is there a way to do this directly from the EKM Push?

    The EKM Push that we currently sell can only push data to our servers.  We then give you free and open access to this data via our Open API.

    In the future we would like to develop the next generation of the EKM Push that will send data directly to your server or to your own AWS server.  That way your data would never touch our servers.  If you send us an email, we will let you know when we have this ability.  If you would like to read your meters over the internet now, but do not want the data to go to our servers, then the EKM iSerial is the best option for you.

  • Some of our sites lose internet connections occasionally. Sometimes for weeks. I notice that there are gaps in the historical data on your server when the Push hasn't had an active internet connection for about 2 or 3 weeks, but less than this, once connection is restored, the data is not lost and your server receives it. Whats going on here and what is the exact amount of days without internet access before data is lost forever?

    If our systems are not able to connect to the internet then there will not be any uploaded data for that time period. When the internet is restored the latest reads will be uploaded. The latest data will be accurate, but you will be missing the historical data/reads from during the time the internet was down. Our current products do not store reads during the down time to then upload once internet is restored. If you need more help with this please contact us direct.

  • Can I use the PUSH with my existing Elkor WattsOn Universal Power Transducer?

    Thanks for the inquiry. The EKM Push does not work with third party electric meters. If you are interested in accessing your electrical usage data online via the Push then the Omnimeter I v.3 generally should meet your need.

Product Features

The EKM Push system sets EKM apart. Here's why.

EKM Push - Cloud Data System - EKM Metering Inc.
  • Plug and Play

    Plug and play

  • Yes, the service is free.

    Free once/minute real time data and historical data stored indefinitely in the cloud.

  • Your Data

    Securely access data from any number of meters and EKM Push gateways using your account personal key.

  • Encompass.io

    Supported by the free  web based dashboard and reporting platform.  Pay no recurring fees. Ever.


  • 1

    Once/minute read rate for free. Capable of once/second read rate for a monthly fee.

  • 2

    Supports all Omnimeter models.

  • 3

    Each gateway can read up to 50 Omnimeters.

  • 4

    Connects to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi bridge.