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EKM Ethernet to WiFi Bridge


This Ethernet to Wifi Bridge allows you to connect your EKM Push communication system with your wireless network. This prevents you from needing to route an Ethernet cable between your internet router and Push device.

Description: Low Range Ethernet to WiFi Bridge

Connections: Ethernet, USB

Data: Wireless

This Ethernet to Wifi Bridge allows you to connect your EKM Push communication system to your existing wireless WiFi network. This prevents you from needing to route an Ethernet cable between your internet router and EKM Push gateway.

Requires either a PC or Mac computer with a Ethernet port to set up. Once the WiFi bridge is connected to your computer over ethernet, you can set it up via a web browser by going to http://vonets.cfg (instructions are included)

We offer this product as a convenience for our Push customers. Please only purchase the Ethernet to Wifi Bridge if you are also purchasing our EKM Push communication system as well. We also want to downplay the range of this device, if range is at all a consideration (over 20 ft), please use a long range WiFi Bridge or Internet Access Point from a computer supplier.

Has an RJ45 Ethernet connector that connects to the Ethernet socket on the EKM Push. The USB connection is only used to power the device. The WiFi bridge can also be powered using a low voltage power adapter, which connects to the barrel jack on bridge.

First connect the Ethernet port to your PC or Mac and power up the WiFi Bridge. Change settings within the WiFi bridge to give it access to your existing WiFi network (network name and password). Then connect the WiFi Bridge to your EKM Push

The Wifi Bridge only works with the EKM Push, it does NOT work with the EKM-iSerial. It also does not come with a low voltage power adapter. However, we provide a splitter so you can power the Wifi Bridge with the same power adapter that is provided with the EKM Push.

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  • Hi, i'd like to know the maximum extension length of CT, gas, water cables. I have meter v.4 and wifi bridge, push for communication. The gas and water meters are located in the same spot but circuit breaker is away from them. I'd like to put them together for easy connection to EKM meter v.4.

    It is not advised that the CT lead wires are extended beyond the length that they come with. It is possible to extend them but their accuracy will degrade as a function of the added length. The Pulse wires running from the water and gas meters can be extended hundreds of feet without a problem. So it sounds like it will be best to install the v.4 meter next to your breaker panel and then run CAT5 cable from the water/gas meters to the Omnimeter. The connections for each meter will only use one of the twisted pairs of wire inside the CAT5 cable.

  • I purchase a wifi bridge to connect to push. Can you guide how to install wifi bridge with a diagram, please?

    We have described the setup and installation process in this support article. If you continue to have any issues please contact us at support@ekmmetering.com

  • I would like to install a water meter that I can read and collect data on my computer. I can run Cat 5, USB, or a wire for RS 485 to the meters location. But it would be nice to use WIFI. Can I use the USB converter and go directly to my PC and then your software talks directly to the meter counting pulses? Or do I have to have the EKM Push and your software talks directly to it? Is there a document on line that explains all this?

    We have a document that compares the communication methods (page 2) that you might find helpful.   

    Here are your two basic options: You can go water meter > Omnimeter Pulse v.4 > USB Converter > PC/EKM Dash software.  

    Or you can go water meter > Omnimeter Pulse v.4 > EKM Push > Internet Router > Push cloud database > software option or Open API   

    This WiFi Bridge can be used to make the EKM Push connect to your Wifi network, instead of connecting to your internet router via ethernet cable.

  • Can I send information in the meter via my powerline network?

    Are you referring to PLC? This would depend on your "powerline network." Our Omnimeter communicate via a RS-485 communication protocol. It's technically possible to send this data via PLC though we do not have any experience with this.

  • Can I plug the EKM Ethernet to WiFi Bridge into a EKM RS-485-to-USB converter which is connected to the EKM Omnimeter Pulse v.4 thus mitigating the need for the EKM Push Communication System?

    No, the USB Converter is only for connecting meters directly to a computer and cannot be used to connect meters to the internet. The EKM Push is our cloud-based solution which sends meter data to our cloud database and requires a connection to the internet. The Wifi Bridge can be connected to the EKM Push in order to connect it to a wifi network.