EKM Dash - Software Registration Key (dashkey)

EKM Dash - Software Registration Key (dashkey) - EKM Metering Inc.

EKM Dash - Software Registration Key (dashkey)


EKM Metering's meter reading software allow data logging and monthly reporting.

Description: Meter Reading Software

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Export: .csv Files or wattvision.com API

Version: v2.2 Beta

Please consider this to be a beta product that is under development at this time. Please understand that the Dash may experience the hiccups that are to be expected with a product in beta.

Our new user-friendly software allows you to read meters which are connected to your computer, whether it be running Windows, MacOS, or Linux, and whether the meter is connected directly with one of our EKM Blink USB to RS-485 converters, over a LAN or the internet with the iSerial TCP/IP to Serial Converter. The EKM Dash can also retrieve data from all of your meters in the EKM Push system. From this application you can, read all of the meter parameters, set meter numbers (addresses), set passwords, control relays, set TOU and seasons, reset demand to zero, and, have meter usage logged to a file and have monthly reports e-mailed to individual users or formatted for printing and mailing.

The current version of the EKM Dash is still in development and should be considered a Beta release. We continue to make adjustments to increase stability and we plan on adding a lot more features and functionality in the future. As it is still in Beta, we would appreciate any feedback that you can give us on your experience with it. For reading your own meters, just make the appropriate preferences and other configuration changes.

The dashboard is available as a free 30-day trial that you can download here: EKM Dash. You can then purchase the Dash User Key at any time to enable the unrestricted version. This key will give you unlimited use (run it on as many computers as you like) of the unrestricted EKM Dash. The unrestricted version provides logging of meter reads to .CSV files, reports, triggers, meter settings control, etc. It also can generate automatic monthly reports emailed to individual meter users. Once purchased, all updates to the software are free.

The software will work with V.3, v.4, and v.5 smart Omnimeters. v.3 Omnimeter reads give Total kWh, Reverse kWh, Maximum Demand, plus Instantaneous Current, Voltage, Power, Power Factor, as well as 6 months of monthly records stored on board the meter, including 4 Time-of-Use Rates for 4 Daily Time Periods and 6 Seasons. V.4 and v.5 Omnimeters also provide: frequency, direction of current on all 3 lines in real-time, kWh on each line, VARs, kVARh, relay output states, input states, 3 pulse counts, and more

*Once your order clears we will manually generate your User Key and email it to you. Please be patient as this process is not automated at this time. The User Key will only work with the name and email associated with the order.

Setup Instructions: https://help.ekmmetering.com/support/solutions/folders/6000203411

Information: EKM Dash User Manual

For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more.


Try a free 30-day trial. Download your copy with the links below.


EKM Dash For Windows (64-bit, Windows 7 or later)

EKM Dash For Windows (32-bit, Windows XP)


Mac (10.10 or later):

EKM Dash For Mac (64-bit)


Linux (Mint 16 or later, CentOS 7.0 or later, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or later, Debian 6.0 or later, OpenSUSE 11.3 or later, Fedora 13 Desktop or later):

EKM Dash For Linux (64-bit)

EKM Dash For Linux (32-bit)


Ask a Question
  • Do I need to purchase a software registration key for each push module connected on the same network?

    No, you only need one EKM Dash Registration Key. The same key can be used to register Dash on multiple computers. You also don't necessarily need to use EKM Dash with the EKM Push system. If you're using the EKM Push system there are other software options like Encompass.io and the EKM Widget. All available options can be found in the Push App Store.

  • Can the EKM Dash Metering Software (Beta version) be used on meters other than EKM meters? I have an old HC6000 meter.

    No, the EKM Dash is only designed to work with EKM Metering's remote readable Omnimeters.

  • Can your meters do Time of Use Metering? If not can you make it perform Time of Use energy totaling? I line in Ontario Canada and we have 3 rates. Off peak, mid peak and high peak rates. Also what is the systems accuracy and what standards does it comply with?

    Our Omnimeters can be set up with a direct connection on site via our EKM Blink USB or iSerial converters and our EKM Dash software to match up with your different Time Of Use rates, which you can view in your Dash software. This page shows you how: https://help.ekmmetering.com/support/solutions/articles/6000107124-how-to-set-up-time-of-use-tariffs    Our Omnimeter II UL v.3 meters have cUL Listing certification for Canada. Accurate to within 0.5%. See more info on these meters here: https://help.ekmmetering.com/support/solutions/articles/6000058127-ekm-omnimeter-ii-ul-v-3