Our Metering Packages for Landlords are intended to give you all of the hardware and software tools to you need to enable you to submeter your rental properties and bill your tenants according to their actual usage, which is more equitable and encourages saving over billing at a flat rate. This is really the core benefit of our metering system: It allows you divide your utility bill between your rental units according to their usage, putting the onus on the tenants to conserve energy so they pay less. After our submetering systems are installed, we see around a 35% average decrease in electricity usage. In other words, the landlord saves money because there is no more flat-rate billing (you are happy), the tenant can save money because their conservation is rewarded (they are happy), and ultimately, energy is conserved which is a good thing for our planet as well.

A basic package includes one meter and CT(s) that can be used to monitor the total energy consumption of one apartment, town home, restaurant, commercial space, etc. For multi unit rentals, additional meters and CTs will be needed. However, they can easily be added to the system at the time of installation or at a later date.

Our packages are completely customizable so you can also include everything you will need to meter the electricity consumption of your rental and view your meter data online. This capability, provided by our EKM Push system, is designed to give you the easiest access to your meters. It will allow you to monitor your rentals individually, generate monthly email reports, and simplify your billing process. This system and service only has a one-time cost; there are no monthly or annual fees for this service.


To assemble and customize the right package for your needs, choose from the links below, separated by electrical system.

120 Volt 2-Wire Electrical Systems: 120V Metering Package

120/240 Volt 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 120/240V Metering Package

3-Phase 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 3-Wire Metering Package

3-Phase 4-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 4-Wire Metering Package

3-Phase 4-Wire Electrical Systems: Electricity, Water, and Gas Metering Package