Solar, Wind, & EVs

We have a great system for monitoring the energy generation from your solar or wind systems. Our Omnimeters monitor both Total kWh and Reverse kWh, which allows you to monitor both generation and consumption. That is to say, how much electricity flows to, or from, the grid. You will be able to monitor both how much electricity you are generating and how much you are consuming. It will allow you to assess the performance of your systems and determine if they are performing as expected, or whether they could be improved.

Solar Submetering Options:

Solar Diagram 1

Option 1:

If you have a submeter at the output of your inverter, you will know how much power your solar inverter is producing but you will not know for sure how much your house is using vs how much power you are sending to the grid.

Solar Diagram 2

Option 2:

If you have the submeter on your house, you will know how much your house is using, but will not know how much the solar is producing or how much power you are getting from the grid.

Solar Diagram 3

Option 3 (Net Metering):

If you have a submeter right next to your utility meter, you will know how much energy you are sending and receiving from the grid, but will not know exactly how much your solar is producing and how much your home is consuming from your solar. In this case the submeter could be reading 0 Net kWh because your solar is producing 3,000 watts and your house is consuming 3,000 watts.

Solar Diagram 4

Option 4:

If you install two submeters, one on the output of your inverter, and one on the load, this would tell you (with some math) everything you need to know (how much the solar is producing, how much the house is using, and how much is being sent to or received from the grid).

Meter in and Indoor Enclosure meter an electric car charger

Our monitoring system is also a great way to monitor the performance of your electric vehicle. It will allow you to determine how much electricity your electric vehicle is using, when your EV is charging, what miles/kWh performance your EV is achieving, and how much money your EV is saving you by avoiding the gas station.


To assemble and customize the right package for your needs, choose from the links below, separated by electrical system.

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