Real-Time Monitoring

Our Real-Time Monitoring Packages include everything you will need to meter electricity consumption and view your meter data online in real-time. This will allow you to see and monitor your consumption throughout the day and see how your building, circuit, machine, appliance, etc. is performing at a given time.

The basic Package includes one Omnimeter, CT(s), and one EKM Push Device, which is our cloud-based data system. This system allows you to send data to the cloud and view your own meter data online from anywhere, in real-time. The basic EKM Push system provides once/minute meter reads. You can either get raw XML data, monitor your data with our EKM Dash software, or display your data with our Widget. Seen here:

To see the full version of this widget go here: Widget for EKM-Omnimeter: #10068

Our packages are completely customizable and can be assembled according to your needs. For example, adding things like enclosures, a USB Adapter, or fuse holders, are all optional. Only the Meter, the CT(s), and the EKM Push are completely necessary for a basic real-time metering system.


To assemble and customize the right package for your needs, choose from the links below, separated by electrical system.

120 Volt 2-Wire Electrical Systems: 120V Metering Package

120/240 Volt 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 120/240V Metering Package

3-Phase 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 3-Wire Metering Package

3-Phase 4-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 4-Wire Metering Package

Remote Electricity, and/or Water, and/or Gas Metering: Electricity, Water, and Gas Metering Package