Energy Auditing & Benchmarking

Our Omnimeters, EKM Push system, and monitoring software, allow you to monitor energy use and determine when you are using energy, how much you are using, and what could be improved to increase efficiency and lower your utility bills.

The basic Package includes one Omnimeter, CT(s), and one EKM Push Device, which is our cloud-based system. This system allows you to send your meter data to the cloud and view your data online from anywhere. The basic EKM Push system provides once/minute meter reads, which is usually plenty of granularity to perform a basic energy audit or to benchmark your home, office, business, factory, machine, circuit, etc. If your want to monitor how much electricity you are using at specific times, or determine the performance or your building or machine over time, our metering packages should be perfect for your needs.


To assemble and customize the right package for your needs, choose from the links below, separated by electrical system.

120 Volt 2-Wire Electrical Systems: 120V Metering Package

120/240 Volt 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 120/240V Metering Package

3-Phase 3-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 3-Wire Metering Package

3-Phase 4-Wire Electrical Systems: 3-Phase 4-Wire Metering Package

Remote Electricity, and/or Water, and/or Gas Metering: Electricity, Water, and Gas Metering Package