EKM Omnimeter I v.3

EKM-OmniMeter I v.3 -- Our Most Advanced Universal Smart Meter. ONE METER to meet all your metering needs!

Revenue Grade, Single-phase 120V 2-wire or single phase 120/240V 3-wire, 120V to 480 volts, 3-phase 3-wire 120 to 400 volts or 3-phase 4-wire 120 to 480V, 50/60Hz , 50/60 Hz Supports CTs from 100A to 5000A. This meter will work with any system that is commonly used in the world.

8 times faster RS-485 communication speeds for remote reading. Uses our full range of compact external CTs. CT ratio can be set internally to work with up to 5000 amp CTs (no multiplier needed). Fully supported by our free, remote reading, EKM Dash software and our EKM Push communication system.

For more information and videos displaying proper wiring of this meter: Please visit our Complete Guide to EKM Metering page

This 3-phase, 4-wire meter is truly a worldwide universal meter and can be used to meter a wide variety of electrical systems. Meters systems from 120V, single-phase, 2-wire, to 480V, 3-phase, 4-wire, both 60Hz and 50Hz. There is not an electrical system in common use that this meter will not support. Accurate to 0.5% (Class 0.5). We now stock CTs for up to 3000A, and much larger CTs are available on special order.

120 volt single phase North American or 230 volt 2-wire foreign systems require 1 CT per meter. 120/240 volt single phase requires 2 CTs per meter. 3-phase 3-wire requires 2 CTs per meter. 3-phase 4-wire requires 3 CTs per meter

This meter has been accuracy tested and certified for by the State of California Department of Weights and Measures. It is California Type Approved and meets California standards for revenue grade metering. Many other states accept California Type Approval for their metering requirements.

Spec Sheet: EKM-Omnimeter Spec Sheet

We also have a UL Listed version of the Omnimeter here: UL Listed Meter

A Lot More Information Here: The Complete Guide to EKM Metering

EKM Widget

Use the Omnimeter in conjunction with an EKM Push gateway to provide rich, real-time and historical data. The Widgets below provide one way to visualize your meter data in real-time, as well as your usage history. More info here: EKM Widget

To see the full version of this widget go here: Widget for EKM-Omnimeter: #10068

To see the full version of this widget go here: Widget for EKM-Omnimeter: #10068

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