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EKM Dash Meter Software

Our user-friendly software allows you to read meters which are connected to your computer, whether it be a PC, Linux box, or a Mac running OS X, and whether the meter is connected directly with one of our USB to RS-485 converters, over a LAN network, or over the internet with the iSerial TCP/IP to Serial Converter or with our EKM Push system. From this application you can, read all of the meter parameters, set meter numbers (addresses), set passwords, reset demand to zero, and, have meter usage logged to a file and have reports e-mailed to individual users or formatted for printing and mailing. This is a direct replacement for our legacy EKM Reader software. It features all of the same functionality and more, in a much more stable and easy to use package.

Download Dash v1.8.2

Try a free 30-day trial. Download your copy with the links below.

EKM Dash For Windows

EKM Dash For Mac

EKM Dash For Linux

EKM Dash Main Window


We are offering the Dash as a free 30-day trial, you can also purchase a user key to extend the full functionality. This key will give you unlimited use of the unrestricted EKM Dash. After the free 30-day trial is up the software will still be usable but will lose some of its functionality, like the ability to log data or send emails. The unrestricted version provides logging of meter reads to .csv files. It also can generate automatic monthly reports emailed to individual meter users. Once purchased, all updates to the software are free.

The software will work with EKM V.2, V.3, and new v.4 smart meters. Meter reads give Total kWh, Reverse kWh and Maximum Demand, plus Instantaneous Current, Voltage, Power, Power Factor, as well as 6 months of monthly records stored on board the meter, including 4 Time-of-Use Rates for 4 Daily Time Periods and 6 Seasons. Omnimeter Pulse v.4 meters return quite a bit of additional data.

The Dash can also display a visual representation of your data. Seen here:

EKM Dash Dashboard

Please Note: pulse count data from water and/or gas meters, provided by the Omnimeter Pulse v.4, can only be visually presented when using the EKM Push system.

The EKM Dash can also retrieve v.3 and v.4 Omnimeter data directly from the EKM Push System. This is very easy to setup. It allows you to take Push data and create .csv files, graphs and spreadsheets, store an unlimited number of reads on your local hard drive, send data to wattvision, and create emails. This is a large addition to the EKM Push system and to the EKM Dash. Click the link to download instructions for setting up the Dash with an Omnimeter v.3 and an EKM Push: EKM Push to EKM Dash Instructions

EKM Dash Reports

Setup Instructions: Instructions for setting up your EKM Dash software

Information: EKM Dash User Manual

When making settings in a meter using the Dash software, you will be prompted for your meter password. This password is "0" by default.

To purchase a registration key for the EKM Dash, go to our EKM Dash product page here: EKM Dash Registration Key. The software is a $30 one time cost, no monthly or annual fees.

We also help you to write your own software, by either communicating with the meter directly (harder) or interfacing with the EKM Push system (quite easy). To get started visit our Developer Portal

EKM Dash Tutorial Videos:

How to Register EKM Dash

How to add Push meters to EKM Dash

How to Set Up Pulse Counting in EKM Dash