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Meter Data in the Cloud

EKM Push Cloud Communication Service

New Product!

EKM Push Communications

Your Meter Data on the Web, Free.

We are proud to introduce an entirely new communication system with unprecedented capabilities, and featuring plug-and-play integration. It is designed it to work in conjunction with our EKM Omnimeter v.3 meters, in order to maximize their functionality and readability. All you have to do is plug it in. The EKM Push gateway handles all of the meter communication, parses the meter data, and inserts the reads into a central database. This completely eliminates all of the issues of configuring firewalls, dealing with dynamic IP addresses, and having a computer running all the time to make it happen. Data is available seamlessly and immediately and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Up to 256 EKM Omnimeter v.3 meters can be daisy-chain-connected to each EKM Push on up to 4000 feet of wire. The entire system has been designed to be a robust, reliable, accurate metering system, with an easy plug-and-play installation. We believe that we have designed a rock-solid metering and data communication system that is reliable, scalable, and economical. This system is perfect for monitoring personal energy use, rental units, campground spaces, or solar/wind energy generation. We have designed this system to give you the kind of reliability you need to build your business around. The EKM Push system does NOT currently support our new EKM Omnimeter Pulse v.4. We are working to add this functionality but is not yet implemented.

There is nothing like this available. We believe the EKM Push and the EKM Push Pro will be the backbone of the next generation of metering. They represent a whole new paradigm for meter data communications.

Our intent is to provide you with FREE, seamless, and unrestricted access to your meter data in real time. You can then use your data in ways that serve you best, whether it be logging for billing purposes or dashboards to track your energy use and/or generation. If you decide that you want more interface options than we provide, you can also retrieve your raw Push data from our database and use it in any way you choose. There are a number of 3rd party services that utilize the raw Push data for their own services. You can find them in our Push App Store.

EKM Push Open Energy API:

Now you can very easily access the EKM Push Data using the EKM Dash software. All you need is your EKM Push User Key and your Omnimeter number. You can use the EKM Dash to then create emails, generate .csv files, and store an unlimited number of meter reads in your local EKM Dash database.


Check out the Push App Store for examples of solutions that utilize EKM Push data: Push App Store

For examples of the EKM-Push's capabilities you can look at our widget here:


For more detailed live reads from around the world you can see them here:

Sample Group ID: 1010

Sample Password: 2020

Sample User Key: MTAxMDoyMDIw

Firefox works well for viewing

A good meter to check out; EKM-Omnimeter #: 10068

These are rudimentary graphs meant to convey the abilities of this new system.

You can change the number of reads to 360 or 720 to see more history


Or this .xml web data dump (best viewed with Firefox):


Developers: Please see the Developer Portal for APIs and meter communication protocols


Linux command line or Mac OSX Terminal (this is for 300 reads from EKM-Omnimeter 10068, this is useful for developers):



Create your own request:

curl**your Omnimeter Number here**~**number of reads requested**.xml?**your User Key here**


The EKM Push Pro Gateway ships with a 12 volt DC power supply with US plug wall socket connection

To connect your EKM Push device to your existing wireless network, check out our Ethernet to Wifi Bridge: Available Here



EKM Push Spec Sheet: EKM Push Specs

EKM Push Schema: EKM Push .xml Data Parameters

EKM Push Sample Data: Data returned by Linux curl command

EKM Push to EKM Dash Software Setup: Setup Instructions

Push data to Setting Up EKM Push to wattvision

EKM Push data to Omnimeter v.3 Pushed to

EKM Push data to Excel (on a PC) Interface real-time data to Excel


To see the full version of this widget go here: Widget for EKM-Omnimeter: #10068

Push Apps:

Push Apps: The EKM Push gets your data to your account. Once your data is in your EKM Push cloud account use one of the solutions available in the EKM Push App Store


EKM Push Communications Diagrams:

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